Together Fest: Sinden and Yes Giantess at the Middle East last night; Zebbler's "Hanzel and Gretel" tonight

Ayo, drug fiends: good seeing you at SINDEN's set last night at the Middle East downstairs. Apologies if you were there and not tripping your face off -- but we're gonna need a urine sample before we even begin to take you seriously. As if there was any question, we now understand why the dude runs UK radio; what Diplo does with a loveable dose of slop, Sinden stitches into short, taut, mule-kickingly efficient waves. Without anything but a snippet of vocals for reference, he cut and chopped a ridiculously well-curated collection of ravehall, baile funk, and stuff-we-have-no-idea-where-it-came-from into right-hook body muzik. Good show, chap. And peace-out to the bouncer who allowed us to bring our Bic pen into the venue with a sharp look and a "Don't let me see you writing in the bathroom." 

Up a flight of stairs, festival co-founder DAVID DAY was singing the praises of Adderall and remarking that if someone makes another "Together" pun this weekend he's going to kill himself. On stage, Brooklyn's BODY LANGUAGE were covering Detroit Grand Pubahs' "Sandwiches," which is pretty much as quick a way to our hearts as free drinks and handjobs. Note to the Boston Music Awards: the keyboardist is from Worcester, which we think means they're now elligible for a lifetime achievment award or something.

We stuck around to see how the YES, GIANTESS live show has evolved. We know they're already sick on record (if you haven't already, go download that new single we posted last week), and nobody's going bet against them evolving over the next six months into an emo/lectro juggernaut. Our judgement: the band is on fire, but put the vocals back in the oven and cook for another few months. Frontman Jan Rosenfield is a pop star in the making -- emphasis on "in the making." He knows what he's going for -- he's a savvy enough singer to reference the classics while staying firmly within a range that won't alienate Cobra Starship fans, which might actually matter if those people can take three more steps in the direction of disco. Also: could have just been an off night. There was van drama involved, they just came off a three-thousand mile drive, and had spent a week or so warming up for La Roux. I'll give them another shot if you will. Several, probably.

As TOGETHER heads into the home stretch tonight, we'd like to give a shout to tonight's "HANSEL AND GRETEL RE: IMAGINED" in which the former Mooninite terrorist ZEBBLER, aided by a cross-section of Boston VJs and videosmiths, each reinterpret an act of our favorite fairy tale about cannibalism. The odds of this sucking are immensely small, and the potential for awesome is immense, especially if the video trailer below is any indication. It's cheap -- $5 -- and all-ages tonight at 7 pm at Mass Art's Pozen Center. More details over at Zebbler's site

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