Amanda Palmer snags Frances Bean Cobain, Andrew W.K., Weird Al, Tegan and Sara for Siamese-twin concept album

Hey, remember that new Amanda Palmer record we were telling you about? The one where her and her friend pretend to be a pair of conjoined twins called EVELYN EVELYN? This just in: it's apparently turned into the guest-star friendliest album since that Melvins record where Leif Garrett covered Smells Like Teen Spirit. 

The album, slated to be released at the end of March, includes "their commentary on the loneliness of online social networking -- an anthemic 80s power ballad entitled 'MySpace,'" which features "gang vocals recorded by many of the twins' supportive friends, including Weird Al Yankovic, Andrew W.K., Amanda's recent fiancé Neil Gaiman, twin comrades Tegan and Sara Quin, Gerard Way, Frances Bean Cobain and many others."

Trivia nerds, break out your Wikipedia password: Amanda Palmer got Kurt Cobain's daughter to perform with Weird Al. See? This is what happens when her mother's not around to provide proper parental guidance. 

EVELYN EVELYN will be released March 30, to be followed by a tour that kicks off in Boston on April 12 at the "ART Theater," according to the press release, by which we assume they mean Zero Arrow/Oberon. Coming later this year: an accompanying graphic novel by former Woman of Sodom (and now children's book author) CYNTHIA VON BUHLER. 

No word on whether any of the guests will join the "twins" for their US/Euro tour -- don't hold your breath -- but if you want a sense of how they pull this off, here's our review of an EVELYN EVELYN gig from back in 2007. Spoiler alert: performing that way might actually be harder than finding real siamese twins. 

The rest of the world may still believe there's actual conjoined twins involved in this record/tour, so Amanda has helpfully filled in their backstory, which is good for a chuckle, so we'll reproduce it below: 

Lyn and Eva Neville were born in September of 1985 on a small farm in Western Kansas.  The girls are Parapagus Tripus Dibrachius twins, conjoined at the side and sharing between them three legs, two arms, two hearts, three lungs, and a single liver.  Orphaned when their mother died in labor, little is known about their early life until 1996 when they made their first public appearance with Dillard and Fullerton's Traveling Circus.  It was here that the "Evelyn" sisters developed their love of song and performance.

Unsatisfied with the grind of circus life, at the age of nineteen the twins decided to explore a solo career.  It was then that they were discovered by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley, who heard the twins' music on MySpace.  Webley and Palmer encouraged the twins and offered to help them record a proper album.

The story continues over at the twins' Twitter account, which is still a work in progress.

PREVIOUSLY: Amanda Palmer's new album: Two-headed girl!

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