R.I.P. Party Arty (D.I.T.C.)


Party Arty was one of few rappers who hardcore street cats and underground aficionados agreed was, as we say, a mother fucking problem. He was rough, rugged, and raw, and homeboy had the leather throat to match his Timberlands and attitude. For those reasons and about a million others, he’ll be missed around The Bronx and in rap circles from Boston to Botswana.

Arty, also known as P-80, was an honorary member of the almighty D.I.T.C. crew. Closely affiliated with the high exalted AG and his Get Dirty family, Arty was a dude who owned every track he shit on; that’s been his rep since he smoked Big L (R.I.P.) and Jay-Z on “Da Graveyard” nearly 15 years ago. Likewise, Arty’s work with D-Flow as the Ghetto Dwellas was hood-hop to the knuckle. Every line recoiled.

After what I’m told was a long battle with various illnesses, Arty passed away yesterday afternoon. No doubt The Bronx is hurting badly today; in addition to his flow and skills, Arty was known around his projects as a beacon of comedic light in a burnt down borough. Case in point: His opening the excellent South Bronx documentary, SBX!, while spitting on the shitter.

Arty was about as real as rappers get. Hip-hop wasn’t just an act for him, nor was it some scam he used to get paid. As anyone who’s seen his infamous Smack DVD battles against Murda Mook has witnessed, for him, rhyming was as natural as rolling blunts. If there’s any justice, he will be remembered as a thorough street reporter with a raucous sense of humor. Sure, his bars were stuffed with gun and drug talk, but only because that’s what he witnessed every day of his tragically short life.

Lastly, and I wouldn’t have mentioned this oft-discussed hip-hop rumor if DJ Premier himself didn’t confirm it on his blog, but Arty was for a while considered by 50 Cent as a possible addition to the G-Unit roster. Someone close to the situation once told me that 50 used to invite Arty to his New York crib and hook him up with gear galore. Looking back now, it’s too bad they waited so long to sign him; hip-hop knows those wankstas could have used the resounding street cred that a lifelong soldier such as Arty brings to any team.

LISTEN: Party Arty, "Shine My Way" (mp3)

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