VIDEO: Big Digits + Wii-J Mark E Moon live at Great Scott

VIDEO: Big Digits, "Chairs Electric (Live at Great Scott)"

Digitos Grandes stepped in as last-minute replacements on our last BMP showcase, filling in for Pretty & Nice, who had to cancel due to injury. Was nice to see TD and Mac again in full sweatbox mode -- that's TD in the chain-mail bank-robber mask and the Mickey sweatshirt -- and we finally got a glimpse of DJ Wii-J Mark E. Moon rocking a party with his custom-tweaked Wii controller. BMP results will be announced in a couple weeks, just in time for the annual Best Music Poll Concert at BOA Pavilion on May 10 with Death Cab for Cutie, Amanda Palmer, Bob Mould, POTUSA, Eli "Paperboy" Reed, and more.

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