Can YOU tell them apart?

King mixes up his Beatles

We know that keeping band members straight can be challenging, but it gets a lot easier when several people in the band are dead, and the band is, you know, the most famous bands in rock history.  In possibly The World’s Worst Interview Flub, Larry King mixed up his Beatles last night on live television. An excerpt, courtesy of Rolling Stone’s Rock & Roll Daily blog:

 KING: Where were you when — when John passed?
MCCARTNEY: When John passed I was in Sussex, at my home in Sussex. That’s where I was.
KING: Did somebody call you?
MCCARTNEY: Yes, my manager at the time called me. And it was just the shock of all shocks, you know?
KING: George, where were you?
KING: Ringo.
MCCARTNEY: No, this is Ringo here.
KING: Ringo, where were you?
STARR: I was in the Bahamas.
KING: I was getting to (INAUDIBLE) George.
STARR: I was…
MCCARTNEY: No, you weren’t, Larry. You said his name wrong.

Read on here.  Luckily, Stereogum was able to keep things straight in their interview with McCartney (though we’re still scratching our heads as to how they scored said interview). Read it here.

A new dance craze?
Jason Fox is the new OK Go, and  “Aunt Jackie” is his “Million Ways” (and/or “Here It Goes Again”): the YouTube video that won’t die. The original version was lovably crappy home taping - “new rap music with an old school flow” (self-described within the video), accompanied by an odd, shifty, elbow-jutting dance.  The video quickly rose to YouTube’s top-viewed, and now there’s a shiny new version, a Slate article documenting “Aunt Jackie’s” rise to fame, and a new MTV how-to show for the dancing challenged  - which kicks off with (duh) “Aunt Jackie.”

Today's reuniting news: The Verve and Led Zeppelin are getting back together (sort of) - but no new Pixies album, despite whatever you've heard.

--Caitlin E. Curran

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