Odd couples: Term & Kanye, Kelly & Mike, Dean Wareham & everyone

1. Tell all your friends: it's time to change the default "one Boston rapper I know the name of" config file in their brains from "Mr. Lif" to Termanology. One of our pet peeves around here is people don't seem to realize what's happening in their own backyards. You got kids getting excited-excited when white backpack punks on dope come to town and do the rappity-rap early-'90s jig at the Middle East, but a Puerto Rican dude from Lawrence (who already done rocked mics with Christina) hops on a commercial track with the biggest producer/rapper in the world and all we hear from Boston is sleeping in stereo. . . zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ. Download his new jernt with Kanye "Million Dollars/Pam Anderson/Jumping Across Canyons" West below. Be sure to cop Term's Hood Politics 4, in stores now, hosted by Clinton Sparks. Or cop his anti-war steez at MySpace. Mixtape release parties this weekend: 11/24 at McGann's over near North Station and 11/26 at Who's on First, which we haven't been to since college a dozen years. We recall sawdust and picnic tables -- same place?

DOWNLOAD: Termanology & Kanye West, "If I was Diddy" (mp3).

2. Kelly Clarkson's new bassist: Mike Watt. Ted Leo: soooooooo jealous.

3. "Take me off your mailing list": Man posts first review of new LCD Soundsystem album Sound of Silver. Leaks expected by Thanksgiving.

4. The Rub's DJ Eleven: Gangsta Classics Mixxx. Essential. Doubt it? Check the tracklist.

5. Bill Reilly links iPods, terrorism. Bloggers, pundits point out the hypocrisy. C'mon people, read between the lines: if you were going to dream up the perfect Apple advertisement going into Black Friday, wouldn't it be a right-wing demagogue condemning the product? We're in the middle of a subliminal marketing blitz. See also: iPod saves man's life. Well, actually, an iPod and a cellphone and a gang of rescuers. But let's see your Zune wi-fi its way out of that

6. Dean Wareham tells P4K he would do Galaxie 500 reunion "if the price was right." We checked in with the other members of Galaxie 500 and here's what we got back: "Damon & Naomi were unavailable for comment because they are currently attending an international ampersand piracy convention." Translation: not bloody likely.

7. Still more Boston bands fall victim to vicious European criminals. Latest peeps to get gear ripped off: Neptune and Animal Hospital, in Madrid. Boooooo.

8. Nothing to do on Thanksgiving? Volunteer (or just eat some turkey) at Great Scott. True story: free meals for everyone, no one turned away, even if you're not homeless. Has been happening since before hipsters took over a perfectly nice jock hangout.

9. Just when we thought nothing could tear our attention away from that five-disc Sufjan Stevens holiday set, along comes A Dipset Christmas


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