Total genius: DJ Mark E. Moon's "Nail in the Coffin" mixtape

That dude DJ Mark E. Moon has been awful quiet lately -- too quiet, buried-in-the-lab quiet, building-birfday-mixtapes quiet. We should've known that he wasn't kidding when he told us his Dipset-ized Neutral Milk Hotel "King of Karat Flowers" remix was part of a longer suite. But after that, there was his baile-funk Belle and Sebastian remix and then . . . nothing. Hell, we haven't even heard much from his band Plunge Into Death lately.

Wait's over. Run for cover.

The official occasion of Mark E. Moon's "Last Nail in the Coffin" mixtape is the birthday of his comrade-in-ravesploitation TD of Big Digits, and the official celebration goes down tonight at outsider-rock gnome Dan Shea's "Haunted Toof, Neon Fang" night at the Reel Bar. [DETAILS.] But this tape is going to be knocking spare tires off trunks for months. We knew the kid had something back when he created the groundbreaking "Crunkin Donuts" mixtape, which introduced the world to the Compound 440r miniverse and set Allston breakdancing to UV Protection. Now he's set his scope on the world at large, and the results are . . . fuck . . . stunning. Crazy. The tracklist doesn't do it justice -- but like OMG THE MAGNETIC FIELDS DISCO SONG AND JJ FAD IN THE SAME JAM (which OTD hereby christens the "S/FJ'S REVENGE MIX"), and then Tom Waits over Clipse shotguns is, like, ten kinds of retarded genius. Like everything on this thing, the Waits track is outofcontrol brilliant, but it's an example of what elevates Moonbeams over yr usual mashup fare -- the associational leap (the fronteir-American-violence of Waits' bone machines, the urban-American-violence of Neptunes' clattering gunplay) that makes rock critics start drooling and titling posts "total genius" and gushing like idiots.

Neutral Milk Hotel: King of Carrot Flowers
Lil Kim: Whoa
Juiceboxxx: Do you wanna hear some Juiceboxxx?
Tom Waits: Hoist That Rag/ Hawnay Troof: Out of Teen
Beats International: Won't Talk About It
Chamillionaire: Ridin
Sebadoh: Brand New Love/ Yaz: Situation
Magnetic Fields: I Thought You Were My Boyfriend/ JJ Fad: Boom I Got
Your Boyfriend
Run DMC: Tricky/ Velvet Underground: What Goes On
Busta Rhymes: Touch It/Architecture in Helsinki: Do the Whirlwind (NON-MARK E. MOON JAM)
Jay Z: Dirt off Your Shoulder/B-52s: 52 Girls
Clipse: Mr. You Too
My Bloody Valentine: Sometimes

DOWNLOAD: Mark E. Moon, Last Nail in the Coffin Mix (mp3)

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