Mp3 exclusive: Throttle and Raw Radar War

Located in the same Inman Square complex as the Pino Bros tattoo empire, Traktor7 is known to grizzled old bastards like OTD as one of the last outposts in Boston of firebrand dont-give-a-fuck punk rock n roll. (They're also the most download-friendly label in town.) We imagine the "kids" "today" cocking their head slightly and wondering what the hell all the racket is about. Which is just fine. Lessons in Discharge, Van Halen, and Entombed given here -- here, at least tonight, being the Linwood Grill, once home to the best bar-b-q/cheep liquor/fast women emporiums in all of the Fenway. The Linwood was, for years and years, the best gig you could get if you practiced at New Alliance, since you didn't even need to load the van, and you could stumble back to the space after the show even if you were in some advanced state of pickling.

No more reminiscing. Tonight's gig features Lamont, known to MTV viewers and Tony Hawk gamers for their hotrodding, ZZ-topping speedmetal hit "Hotwire," are the headliners, and our favorite Deathwish doomboogie band Doomriders are in there somewhere too. But the revelry is ostensibly a record-release party for Throttle. They date from the era (late 90s) when two piece blues-punk bands were more novelty than marketing strategy (trying to remember the name of the one whose drummer fried bacon during their set to give it that extra hickory-smoked touch.) They've been out of commission for a number of years, but John Overstreet and former Come drummer Daniel Coughlin have a new one, Back to the World (Traktor7). Check it out:

DOWNLOAD: Throttle, "MX Trash" (mp3)

Meanwhile, their label boss has got some new shit brewing as well. We've said before that Jonah Jenkins should've kept his new band's joke name -- Septic Youth Command -- over its permanent title, Raw Radar War. But what can you say: MIT librarians love palindromes. Can't be helped. It just so happens that Mr. Jenkins is blowing shit up right now: his seminal Boston metal/hardcore band Only Living Witness are about to get the two-disc retrospective treatment from Century Media, and modern-day labelmates Shadows Fall are rumored to have recorded an OLW cover for their Century Media swan song. Plus, he recorded a vocal track for the upcoming album by Roadrunner emo-metal kids 36 Crazyfists. Plus, he's threatening yet again to release the demos for Miltown, the proto-emo supergroup he fronted who were briefly signed to a major label. Plus, the RRW record, due in a month or so, destroys. The Witness retrospective will contain "both albums in one package, with the pre-production demos for each album, plus liner notes for all of the songs, and probably a couple of Quicktime videos, at least one live video, and the SLUG video ...which kinda sucks, but it was played a lot in Europe," emails Jonah. "I'm feeling like there'll be too much out there by or related to me in 2006...makes me reconsider the Miltown release, but people [inluding OTD, for years!] have been hounding me for it, and it's almost done, mixing-wise, so maybe I should just put it out." Yes, sir, you should. In the meantime, here's a taste of Raw Radar War, from the upcoming Double Equals (Traktor7):

DOWNLOAD: Raw Radar War, "Lack of Fire Discipline" (mp3)

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