N.E.S.T.: We've Lost Track of What Round It Is

SEPT 23 [GS: "The Pill"] Certainly, Sir + Cassette [MA] Tiny Hawks + Mahi Mahi + Made in Mexico [OB] Major Stars + Plunge into Death + Magic People + Travers [RG] 40 Watts [NU] Jason Anderson + Landing + Tiger Saw + Sanguine

1. Um, look, we know MIA is playing tonight, too, and no one's more bummed about that than the Plunge Into Death guys. Despite a name that sounds like a death metal fan club, they're actually a cartoonist, a weird gothic hippie, and assorted punk rock/hip-hop fiends attempting to make a new kind of DIY party music. We like to think of them as our Le Tigre. They're also part of the secretly prolific Compound 440r collective (read Camille's piece in this week's Phoenix) that's been dropping like a half-dozen remixes a week. Here's the latest . . .

LISTEN: Plunge Into Death, "Ay Ay Ay (David Banner Remix)" (mp3)
LISTEN: Major Stars, "Pocket" (mp3, OTD Exclusive)

2. Kay Hanley jumping on a N.E.S.T. bill at the last minute? THAT'S WHUT'S UP. Plus Jason Anderson -- a/k/a Our Sufjan -- and Tiger Saw, Newburyport kids whose new album Sing is killing us softly with big-choral-group harmony parts. (DO NOT think Polyphonic Spree: this is different.)

LISTEN: Jason Anderson, "O, Jac" (mp3)

3. We liked Certainly, Sir long before their singer started writing about mugic, and all pro-wrestling-type beef aside (which is to say, the kind of beef that's not entirely fake but is pretty silly even when it's real), we've got mad love for those dudes . . . so much love that we're not even going to add the obligatory "no homo." Click here for David Day's preview of the new C,S album, TAN, the rare long-form collection of song-based dance music that actually has consistenly great songs and also has consistently dope programming, which is not even mentioning the consistently dope cameo by Ben Gibbard. Ben is right in wanting to keep on these guys' good sides, since they might own him in a couple of years. The album isn't out til November and even then only in Japan, but here's the song M. Brodeur leaked to a local message board last week:

LISTEN: Certainly, Sir, "Tony" (mp3)

4. Hollerback: HUUUUGE thanks to Juan Maclean for coming down last night: he drove straight to Boston after having spent the past three days without sleep at the bedside of his three-year-old daughter, who we're pleased to say has recovered from a nasty bout of pneumonia. If there's anyone who embodied the spirit of NEST, it's a guy who gets asked to play Derrick May's Super Bowl party showing up solo to spin Carl Craig's "The Climax" and Underground Resistance's "Transition" and Mr. Velcro Fastener and Derrick Carter and Kraftwerk on a pair of beat-up decks with broke-ass faders set up on a card table for an audience of semi-appreciative indie kids. Let's just say that, uh, money wasn't a motivation, either. Just a really geniunely chill dude. He also had semi-encouraging news for those of us still holding out hope for a Six Finger Satellite reissue campaign from Sub Pop. Keep the faith.
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