Heat wave

Lemon-Red has been working on launching his monthly mix series for a minute; of course, shit got launched while we're on vacation. But if you haven't already, RUN DON'T WALK over there to catch the inaugural mix by DJ/Rupture, the ex-Cantabrigian ex-Toneburst glitch/ragga/mash genius now exiled in Spain. (We've got Spain on the brain, 'cause some dudes from Barcelona are working on some fireworks for next Phoenix issue: prepare to be dazzled.) We just got off a plane, so we haven't even listened to it yet. Downloading . . . now. OK. You too. (Also, feeling some serious Boston Blog Squad pride now that there's two certifiably hot mp3 mixtapes coming out on the regular.)

(postscript: last week was a little insane, so we didn't have time to blog about Lemon's above-and-beyond-the-call exploits tracking down the DJ Marlboro show in Hyannis two weekends ago. But go read his report. And also his review of the new B.G. jawn.)

OTD has been meaning to hang out with Clinton Sparks for the longest. Big thanks to Nick Sylvester for taking bull by horns and getting familiar for this week's cover story.

Catchdubs speaks real words on another round of bullshit police raids on mom-and-pop record stores. This time, they got the place that sells Catchdubbery, Caps + Jones, and other stuff we're always raving to you about. Meanwhile, young Catch's Fader crew leaks the only new White Stripes tracks you haven't heard yet: that's right, Jack and Meg interview mp3s. Nice scoop, lads. Speaking of, can anyone over at Harvard send us the Crimson interview with Rivers Cuomo?

We can't leak tracks from the new Juan MacLean album, but that doesn't mean other people can't.

For those of you who've fallen behind the kids in France, Banana Nutriment gets certified with an annotated version of the lyrics to LCD Soundsystem's "Losing My Edge," with helpful mp3s of the bands you're already supposed to have collected every song by. (Via Matthew Fluxblog's guest post on Stereogum.)

Purpology deconstructs the videos to our two favorite singles from last year, both bumping fresh in the iPod in the wake of M.I.A. at Avalon and the arrival of the domestic version of Anniemal: "Galang" vs. "Chewing Gum." And of course they've got links to the actual videos, too.
[UPDATE: we forgot to check the byline: turns out it's by Phoenix contributor Elisabeth Donnelly. We swear, we occassionally link to people who don't write for us, too.]

So Many Shrimp posted a couple more tunes from the Lil Jon-hosted Crime/Grunk blends mixtape -- these ones both descended from Crime Mob's anthem "Knuck If You Buck."

Speaking of Crime Mob, we finally got some search-engine issues ironed out, so we found that pre-Piracy Diplo interview from last September. (At that point, he wasn't even entirely sure what label the song was on.) Also, this dude has some video from the Diplo-less M.I.A. gig at Avalon. Apparently, we're gonna have to get used to DJ Contra.

If you read T-Droz's essay on Neil Hamburger and the latest indie-comedy boomlet, Fluxblog's got an excerpt from DiPressa's.

Hope you got those Destiny's Child tickets we told you about, because this is it. At least until next time.
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