Segues and Segways

Dunno where Camille's post is at -- OTD thinks she's holding a photo of Spitz and Lemon-Red for ransom (n.h., obv.) -- but expect her to post hazy recollections and fuzzy photos from Friday night's Certified Bananas madness sometime soon. The Phoenix doesn't usually roll deep like that unless Sleater-Kinney's in town, but with Weezer luring our new pal Nick Sylvester back up to his old stomping ground for the weekend, it felt like we were getting all Boston After Dark or something up in there. Enormous Room was blazing: P. Nice and Audiovandal had the line down the block, Catchdubs dropped Diplo's "Hollaback" white-label and many other treats, dance floor actually freek-a-leek'd out. Note to all involved: this needs to get done on the regular.

Diplotronic update: Star Wars screening recap is nice, but Missy/M.I.A collabo? Daaaayumm.

Who actually buys a Segway? Surely not Waltham/Damone/Graveyard BBQ/Robby Road Steamer/No Allegiance shredder Dave Pino, right?

Speaking of segues, whose Camaro do you think this new Waltham girl group is singing about?

We do this periodically, get used to it: shout-outs to Quebecois garage-punk! Eventually, y'all gonna rekkanize: Montreal eez ze new Zveeden.

Les Breastfeeders: video worth checking out because of the dude with the weird chest hair who wears ape arms and climbs out of suitcases in the middle of the avenue and whose roll in the band appears to be limited to playing tambourine and making French-type you-all-vant-to-have-sex-vith-me faces. A little Modder than we usually swing, but something about these freaks screams LIVE MAYHEM.
Les Breastfeeders, Ostrogoth-a-gogo
Les Breastfeeders, Mini-Jupe et Watusi
Les Breastfeeders, Laisse autant le vent tout emporter
Whoever's got that French-English dictionary left over from high school, get at us with some translations. Hopefully, before Mssrs Titsuckers get to the Abbey on May 25. (We don't wear that $80 'MBR messenger bag around for kicks: those kids are playing our shit over there, what with Breastfeeders coming in for live-in-studio action and Le Nombre burning up the motherfucking charts.)
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