It was just a matter of time

The ubiquitous Mr. Crowley has launched a Facebook group to Boycott the New Yorker:

If anyone thought racism is dead, just look at the cover of this issue of the New Yorker. Try to call it satire all they want, but who are they kidding!

The idea that we can have the African-American as president of our country should be a time of celebration. Obviously, the New Yorker would prefer a minstrel show. Hey, it's only satire, right?

OK, so we've got Will crowing (see the first comment here) about never having read the New Yorker (after all, why should we subsidize, or even cultivate, intellectual curiosity?). And Pat's now saying that no one should buy the New Yorker.

Maybe I've got a soft spot for satirists, of different political stripes, but I'll buy into this cover as a satire.

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