Another Globe buyout: Beggy exits

Carol Beggy, one half of the Globe's Names column, will be taking a buyout and leaving the paper. Here's how Beggy explained her move in an email to the Phoenix:

[M]y decision to leave was a difficult one and was made at the most personal level. It's a good time for me to be moving on. Period. I would hate for anyone to think it's a reflection of this paper or our editors. I never could have imagined leaving a newspaper run by Marty Baron (who lets us be journalists and not worry about the rest of it) with editors like Caleb Solomon, Mary Jane Wilkinson, and Ellen Clegg -- and many others you don't need me to list.

I literally grew up at the Globe and count many people here now and from my earlier years among the most important people in my adult/professional life. Many "Globies" have become my Boston family and taught me about their town  -- and in the process have given me a new home. Beyond actually writing a few items for tomorrow's column, my long-term plans include trying to spend ONE day on a New England beach. (I'm very white so that could be a problem.) My more long-term plans include a Sunday story I owe the Movie section, actually sitting in the Bristol Lounge and not paying any attention to who's at the other table, and finishing the captions for Bill Brett's third book. Unless, of course, Mark Cuban buys the Pirates or the Cubs and then I'll have to rethink my plans to stay in the Boston area.

With Beggy's impending exit, the list of departed and soon-to-be-departed Globe writers now includes her, automotive columnist Royal Ford, head editorial writer Tom Gagen, real-estate reporter Tom Palmer, business reporter Peter Howe, medical reporter Alice Dembner, and sportswriters Jackie MacMullan and Peter May. Former business columnist Steve Bailey should be mentioned here, too, even though it's not clear that he's participating in the current buyout program. So should sportswriter Gordon Edes, who, according to published reports, is poised to leave for Yahoo even though he was denied a buyout.

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