Org: Literati brings Jaggery’s “Private Violence” and literary-themed performances

Photo by Matt Samolis

Great music often comes from great literature. Henry Purcell's opera Dido and Aneas. based on Virgil's Aeneid, is one example. Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Welcome to the Pleasuredome, inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Kubla Khan," is another. Jaggery's latest release, Private Violence, carries on the tradition with a collection of songs Mali Sastri wrote after reading Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.

The CD release will be part of Org: Literati at Oberon in Harvard Square. (8 PM, Thursday, November 8. Tickets.)

Org: Literati is a curated evening of music, poetry, and art, featuring What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, Gem Club, UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb, artist Kristilyn Stevenson, and Jaggery, with Eileen Little and Jennifer Hicks. Attendees are asked to dress up as their favorite literary character -- which in Boston means the ladies will show steampunk décolletage, and the dudes will either be Dorian Gray or Ignatius J. Reilly.

If you're a fan, you know what's in store: lush strings, haunting melodies, lyrics that often treat the decision to step outside of sanity as a conscious choice. The songwriting process for this album was, in fact, the work of a sane mind coming to grips with the horrors of murder. Singer Mali says, "In Cold Blood totally riveted me-in particular, the character of Perry Smith. I fiercely identified with this man who had committed an atrocious murder 50 years ago.  It was like we shared the same personal psychology.  I read my own thoughts in what Capote wrote about Perry's. This experience led me into learning all I could about the Clutter case. I was living in NYC at the time, and I began going to the NYPL Archive Division three times a week to pour over the apparently 6000 pages of microfilm of the notes Capote took."

If you're not familiar with Jaggery, then get yourself to their Bandcamp site right now. You can stream everything, and it's all fantastic. In the context of Boston bands, they're the exact opposite of, say, Aerosmith - their songs don't have the word "baby" in them, they don't have wattles.

Here's a sampler of some of their songs through the years. Put on your headphones and imagine Madeline Usher come to life as the universe beautifully deconstructs all around you. As Shakib Chowdhury of Cryptic Fate says, "Jaggery's songs are the brightest flowers in my avant garden."

Arafat Kazi is turning 31 soon so send him a birthday tweet @arafatkazi.

Song 1 – Sea of Sideways

Song 2 – 7 Stone

Song 3 – Malachite

Song 4 – Arabian Dance

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