One Hell of a Time: Get your tickets for The Devil's Carnival LIVE Tour this Saturday @ the Coolidge

Prepare yourself for more bloody musical numbers: the masterminds behind the 2008 film Repo! The Genetic Opera --a slasher musical seemingly destined for cult midnight movie-screening fame as a successor to Rocky Horror Picture Show --have returned with a new project. Director Darren Bousman (of Saw series fame) has teamed up with REPO! director Terrance Zdunich on a unique new project -- The Devil's Carnival -- an episodic musical horror film that embarked on its second nationwide tour last week. The film follows three of the recently departed down to Hell for a carnival run by Lucifer himself, where the n'er-do-wells face a never-ending repetition of their earthly sins. The cast features REPO! alums like Ogre (of metal band Skinny Puppy) as well as as Jessica Lowndes (the new 90210), Sean Patrick Flannery (Boondock Saints), and more faces that may look familiar. Their goal is to turn The Devil's Carnival into a multi-part project (the second installment is currently being written). And lest you think this is your run-of-the-mill, self-produced slasher musical, know that-- aside from overtones of classic Hell-based works like The Divine Comedy and even Paradise Lost-- some of Aesop's fables (such as The Scorpion and the Frog, having been referenced most recently in last year's Drive) form the foundation of the film's narrative. Tonight's carnival event includes a Q&A with Bousman and Zdunich, a costume contest, a live slideshow performance, never before seen REPO! footage, and more. Tickets $21.45-$42.85 at See ya'll in hell!

__Neil Patch and Kendall Salter 

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