Super Meat Buy: "Indie Game" movie available now for download (with special-edition on the way)

Phil Fish, pictured in "Indie Game."

Load up your Steam accounts, because Indie Game: The Movie (which we reviewed when it toured the Brattle) is now available for digital download on Steam, DVD, and soon Blu-ray in a massive special edition.

In this doc, Jonathan Blow looks back on the success of his popular game Braid, while also profiling upcoming developers such as Edmund McMillen and Phil Fish while working on the games that would later make them big names in the industry (Super Meat Boy and Fez, respectively). The DVD will feature a commentary from the directors and the developers behind Super Meat Boy. Oh, and all DVDs come with a digital download, too.

Now, speaking of Super Meat Boy, our one major quibble with the documentary was that it seemed to completely gloss over one of McMillen's most grisly and controversial early games -- but we go down the genital-mutilating rabbit hole with McMillen here.


Also soon to be released is the "Special Edition" of IGTM (on Blu-Ray for $69.99 CAD), which their website describes as including “everything we wanted to put in the movie but couldn’t fit.” It expands on the number of subjects interviewed in the film -- and adds a few more profiles to the mix. Some of these are:

-Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago of That Game Company, developer of the recently released Journey and popular Flower.
-Alec Holowka and Derek Yu, who developed the recently released XBLA game Spelunky.
-Jason Rohrer, who'll be discussing his 2007 game Passage, a game that takes only five minutes to play but is still talked about after five years.

The website says they are still filming things to put on the special edition (fingers crossed for something on Cave Story), and there's no official release date -- but pre-orders are available at

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