[video] League of Legends Cosplay Contest at Pax East 2012

If you think spending hours playing a computer game is nerdy, try going to a convention like PAX East 2012. And if you think that's nerdy, try showing up dressed as one of the video game characters you play. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend. A variety of virtual warriors came to life and competed for the top prize in the League of Legends booth's cosplay contest, including Caitlin, Ezreal, Jax, Malzahar and Singed. My favorite: "Brolaf" with Natty Ice helmet and axes. Bromacia!

Unlike exhibits for upcoming games or projects making first appearances, the League of Legends booth took advantage of its existing user base with community-oriented events. 5v5 competitions, a 32-person tournament and, of course, the cosplay fashion show were some of the most popular events at PAX East. Here, the emcees from Riot Games stream a live competition from at Las Vegas, complete with commentary and cheers from the crowd. When did PC games become a spectator sport?

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