[video] Amateur hour at PAX East 2012: From Rock Band to Dance Central

Who says you need to be a professional dancer or musician to feel like a star, or even better, perform in front of hundreds of people? The power of illusion may be the greatest invention yet for the gaming industry. At PAX East, the Xbox Kinect stations gave thousands of attendees a taste of virtual reality, including this power duo rocking out to Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP's "We  No Speak Americano" on Dance Central 2. Don't hurt yourselves, guys!

Maybe it wasn't the cleanest shufflin' I've seen on stage, but the demo was a good example of how Dance Central 2 can be a pure-fun party game. Developer Harmonix Music Systems is a mid-size company based in Cambridge, and they've always been able to make addictive rhythm games via smart music licensing deals and effective presentation.

And it says a lot about Kinect's success that both the Nintendo Wii and the Playstation Move, its direct competitors in the motion sensing gaming industry, were absent at PAX East's show floor. So, who knows, maybe the whole Wiimote wagging craze is over?

Below, PAX attendees "perform" on Harmonix's Rock Band.


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