The Week in Geek, August 15-23: Bad Daddies, Giant Killers, and Sparklepires

Unlike the green line blowing right by your stop while you wait in the rain, the handbasket we're in ain't exactly going express to hell. We've got a few pit stops along the way. Nerds, dweebs, and inbetweeners, you better get ready, because this is a week of culture. With art shows and book readings, music, gorillas, German potlucks and Twilight, your bonds ‘bout to get straight diversified. By week's end, you'll be lighting up a Marlboro and muttering between panted breaths, "That was fantasic!" Except you'll say it in German.

Cheer up, brothers and sisters, because this is the week in geek.


[reading] Ben Loory + Steve Himmer, Stories of the Surreal @ Brookline Booksmith 7pm

Why read about reality when you live in it? Authors Ben Loory and Steve Himmer are working to reignite the wick of imagination in their new books dealing with monsters, talking televisions and landscape altering billionaires, and will be reading from them at the Brookline Booksmith tonight.


[musical] Bad Daddy @ Oberon

The evolutionary gap between two generations is always enormous. Bad Daddy is a musical about the inevitable dissidence between young and old. The Boomers don't get it - The Millennials don't appreciate it.


[film/comedy] Rifftrax Live: Jack the Giant Killer @ Regal Fenway

We've all seen bad movies and wished the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 were there. Now that 1962's corny epic "Jack the Giant Killer" has found its way into their crosshairs, you can be there with them. Bring tomatoes.


[festival] Greenfest 2011 @ Boston City Hall

This isn't altogether geeky, so we apologize, but an estimated 75,000 Bostonians will be at Greenfest at City Hall, which will feature live performers and fitness demos. The fitness demos will at the very least get you into shape so you can properly live vicariously through your Create-a-player in Madden '12 when it comes out in a couple of weeks.


[sparkling] Twilight Convention @ Hyatt Regency Cambridge
The dude whose name is slipping our collective minds with the dumb hair, played a vampire in that movie about love and some other guy whose abs left an entire theaters' worth of seats damp by credits' end, uhh, ummm. Yeah, him. He won't be at the Twilight convention at the Hyatt, but fuck, you won't know the difference.

[death/life] The Beyond @ Coolidge Corner Theatre
Oh, the humanity! Check out the mind numbing, hellacious gore that could only come from a film made by horror mastermind/probably-a-totally-fucked-up-guy-in-real-life Lucio Fulci at Coolidge Corner to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

[double feature] The Ghost and Mrs. Muir + Dragonwyck - the films of Joseph Mankiewicz
The complete Jospeh Mankiewicz presented by the Harvard Film Archive will be like MST3K, except that his movies were good, so there's no need for snarky commentary from space dwellers. "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and "Dragonwyck" will make for a classic double feature.


[art] Passion and Precision in the Age of Revolution @ The MFA

"Passion and Precision in the Age of Revolution" sounds like the answer someone who just got dumped doesn't want to hear after asking, "Babe, what does he have that I don't?" Thankfully, it's not that. It's the name of an awesome art exhibit at the MFA that showcases brilliant works of both romanticism and neo-classicism.

[festival] Jamaica Plain Music Festival @ Jamaica Pond
The Jamaica Plain Music Festival is a cool spot to check out local talent you might not otherwise stumble upon. You're tired of this sick consumerist culture and totally want to get in touch with the struggling locals who are just trying so damn hard to make it.

[culture] Medieval German Festival @ Charlton, MA
Guten tag, bitches! It's time to bust out the liederhausen, schnitzels, and bier for a day of being a bona fide stereotype. Or just go to the Medieval German Festival to celebrate a different culture. Tschüss!

[reading/play]PlayCes presents Baby With the Bathwater @ UFORGE Gallery
Also in Jamaica Plain is a reading of "Baby with the Bathwater," a play that challenges traditional gender roles with a satirical whip.

[film/hilarious]The Room @ Coolidge Corner Theatre [midnight]
The Room is simultaneously the best and worst movie ever made, which actually makes it modern art and the more you laugh at it, the more its intellectual merit grows like a tumor. Coolidge Corner knows this and is offering a midnight screening for you art junkies.


[monkey] Kiki the Gorilla turns 30 @ Franklin Park Zoo

Kiki the gorilla turns 30, and since you just read our kickass monkey issue, you know that celebrating this beast's birthday is a must. Go check her out at the Franklin Park Zoo. Seriously, last person to ditch her party was hostage atop the Empire State Building. She likes banana cake.

[concert] Bob Dylan @ House of Blues
Bob Dylan's lyrics make even less sense when you can't understand half a word he's saying. That doesn't mean seeing him shouldn't be on your bucket list though. He's an American icon. Rule of thumb: when telling people you saw Dylan, always subtract 10 years from the date you actually saw him when going into details.

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