The Shark Week in Geek, August 1-7: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's finally here. People count down to this for months. As soon as the weather starts to change, it's fresh in everyone's minds -- the ritual, the camaraderie, the friends and families gathering together, all to celebrate overlarge cartilaginous fish with rows and rows of flesh-ripping teeth. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: it's Shark Week. It's one of those television events that can immobilize the entire country slack-jawed in front of the television set -- sorta like the Super Bowl, but it lasts for six whole days and is somewhat educational.

As if that doesn't make this week amazing by itself, there are plenty of awesome things going on in Boston this week, too. There are the usual concerts and readings and screenings, plus a couple cons, comedy, and roller derby. Meanwhile, the Ben & Jerry's Truck is rolling through Boston for the entire month of August, which means free ice cream erryday. The truck can be stalked via Twitter  -- we all scream for ice-cream-social media.


[dude] The Big Lebowski Party + Screening @Coolidge Corner Theatre 7pm
Every year, the folks at the Coolidge throw a screening party to celebrate this Coen Brothers classic in all its slobbish glory. While Laser Orgy does not officially condemn or condone participation in the Big Lebowski Challenge, we can guarantee that this party will feature fun of equal or greater caliber. There will be prizes, games and other pleasantries, and, of course, a screening.

[reading] Alice LaPlante Turn of the Mind @ Brookline Booksmith 7pm
Dementia-stricken Jennifer White, a retired surgeon, is accused of murdering her closest and oldest friend. Dr. White must find a way to piece together her side of the story when she can barely piece together her own consciousness. Such is the plot of Turn of the Mind, the debut novel of Alice LaPlante -- who comes to the ‘Smith tonight to answer all your burning questions.

[music] Death Cab for Cutie + Frightened Rabbit @ Bank of America Pavillion 8pm

Meanwhile, at the Waterfront, Death Cab and Frightened Rabbit jam. Relive your old angst and alternate between standing/staring pensively into space and dancing however people would dance at a Death Cab concert. Do people dance at Death Cab concerts? Be sure to let us know.

[double] Vertigo + North by Northwest Screenings @ Brattle Theatre Mon + Tues
This double-feature of two very different Hitchcock films--one dark and romantic; the other, a lighter chase film. Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant star in Vertigo and North by Northwest, respectively.


[signing] Jim Butcher @ Harvard Coop 7pm
Before the recent crop of supernatural-crime-busting procedurals, there was Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, in which PI Harry Dresden investigates crimes in an alternate Chicago. This week at the Harvard Coop, Butcher will be reading from Ghost Story, the 13th installation in the series.


[cyberpunk'd] William Gibson @ Harvard Coop 7pm
We've come a long, long way from Neuromancer -- William Gibson's 1984 cyberpunk tour de force -- but the Sprawl still stretches on as far as the eye can see. Gibson graces Boston this week to celebrate the paperback release of his novel Zero History, which picks up where Pattern Recognition and Spook Country left off.


[tokin'] Doug Benson @ Wilbur Theatre 7:30pm
In his 2008 film Super High Me, comedian/filmmaker Doug Benson set out on a Spurlock-esque quest to discover the effects of a month-long high. Subsequently, he had a show The Benson Interruption that aired on Comedy Central, sending D.A.R.E. officers nationwide into paroxysms of despair.

[cg disney magic, part 1] Tangled Free @ Hatch Shell 7:59pm

Part of the Free Friday Flicks Series, the Hatch Shell is presenting Tangled. This 50th Disney animated feature tells the classic tale of Rapunzel with a twist involving sassy heroines and talking animals. The movie starts at sundown, which is 7:59 on Friday.

[SHARKS] JAWS @ Somerville Theatre 8pm Fri + Sat
What with it being Shark Week and all, the other option for family movie night would be Jaws at the Somerville Theatre. Experience the move that made aquaphobes of an entire generation!

[louie, louie, louie, louie] Louis CK @ South Shore Music Circus 9pm
This past month,  Louis CK was nominated for not one but three Emmys -- two for his FX hit Louie, and one for a stand-up special. This week the Bay State-raised comic returns for several New England shows, including this Cohasset gig.

[awww] Critters @ Coolidge Corner Theatre 11:59pm
What do you do when a horde of furry and hideous alien creatures ascends upon your family farm? This cult-classic film attempt to answer that common question. (Hint: the answer likely involves shotguns.) Part of the Coolidge Corner Theatre's @fter Midnight series, Critters is screening for its 25th anniversary.

Supernatural Convention @ Hyatt Regency Cambridge Fri, Sat + Sun
Supernatural is one of those shows that always seems to fall of the radar of scifi mainstream, despite having six seasons on the CW. So grab your Colt (replica) and hop in your Impala (which will probably not be allowed in the Hyatt) and get ready to fight some evil (or watch people talk about it). There will probably not be any evil allowed in the Hyatt, either.

Mysterium, Myst Convention @ Embassy Suites Boston/Waltham Fri, Sat + Sun
Myst is more than a game -- it is was a surprise hit that became a pop-culture phenomenon, uniting players with games and novels. Mysterium is a for-fan-by-fan convention in Waltham that celebrates the game and the subculture that it has gathered since the 1993 release of the first game.


[hellcats on wheels] Boston Derby Dames Playoffs @ Wilmington, MA 4pm
Speaking of fringe subcultures: the Derby Dames are competing in the Playoffs this weekend at the Aleppo Shriners Auditorium in Wilmington, MA. There will be ridiculous nicknames, body-slams, obstacles, and broken bones -- in other words, all the ingredients for the perfect Saturday late-afternoon-to-early-evening transitional activity.

[cg disney magic, part 2] Toy Story 3 @ South Garden sundown
The last instillation of this epic and touching trilogy that just happens to be about toy screens this weekend at the South Garden in conjunction with the Prudential Center. You'll laugh, cry, and then laugh some more at this story about friendship and loyalty that everyone in the world except Armond White loves.

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