PHOTOS: Robot squids, unhinged lumberjacks, and other charming specimens of vintage arcade art from NH's Funspot

Prepare to ride the waves of nostalgia! Two weekends ago, the Phoenix made the trek up to Funspot in Laconia, NH, for a day of retro gaming at the International Classic Video Game Tournament at the American Classic Arcade Museum (which you may remember from indie doc The King of Kong). In these days of sleek white nunchuks and motion-sensor controls, it's easy to forget the unique aesthetic of an old-timey videogame console. But we sure had a good time rediscovering them.

PHOTOS: Arcade revival at Funspot in New Hampshire, by Derek Kouyoumjian

Behold these cabinets of curiosity! On one machine, a man in a spaceship fires lasers at a cyclops robot squid while hurtling through a maroon-colored cosmos -- words cannot do the awesomeness justice. Meanwhile, Wizard of Wor could practically be Venture Bros. fan art.  

But that's not to say these throwback designs are all equally swoon-worthy -- the demented lumberjacks from Timber look like the meth-addled rejects from a Brawny casting call.

And let's not even get into the stoner-profound implications of this mural in the arcade's kiddie room, which implies not only that bowling pins are ALIVE but that they are trapped inside their cruel white carapaces, each doomed to die a slow, painful death from suffocation ...

... It's somewhere around here that Funspot ends, and Blow-Your-Mindspot begins. Can you make it through this epic slideshow without having your reality shattered into a pixelated starfield of 8-bit madness? Only one way to find out. 

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