The Week In Geek, June 13-20: All Over the Place, Just Like the Doppler

So since the weather looks absolutely atrocious today through Wednesday and completely uncertain thereafter, Laser Orgy has provided you with a variety of indoor-outdoor events. And they're kind of all over the place. Art enthusiasts, Repo devotees, water-gun warriors, puppet fanatics, political satirists, and bacon lovers rejoice -- this week, we've got something for you.


[fish] Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks @ New England Aquarium 7pm

Like cupcakes and the roller derby, shark-obsession is a fad of the ‘00s that's hanging on by the teeth. And with Shark Week on Discovery Channel not far off (July 31 -- mark them calendars) preparations are in order. National environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin reads from her book Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks at the Aquarium. (Related reading: Our 2009 interview with local sharkspert Greg Skomal.)


[film/fandom]  LotR: Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition @ AMC Boston Common

As Tolkien fans eagerly await news of The Hobbit, this big-screen dose of Middle Earth should be enough tide them over. Throughout June, select AMC theaters will be screening the extended editions of all the movies, and this week, they're starting with installment number one. Heca, firimar -- not even the Nazgûl can keep us from our air-conditioned seats and our monstrously large Twizzlers.


[drunk reading] Free Beer Tour Literary Tailgate @ Brookline Booksmith 7pm

In celebration of Father's Day, Brookline Booksmith is holding a free Beer Tour Literary Tailgate with dude-approved titles like Cardboard Gods, Something for Nothing, and I Thought You Were Dead. Because nothing says "I love ya, Pops" quite like boozing in the basement of a bookstore.


[horror]  Stake Land @ Brattle Theatre 5:30, 7:30, 9:30, 11:30

The Brattle hosts the Boston premiere of Stake Land, a horror/road movie about the humans who survive vampire apocalypse. Drawing its themes from zombie-apocalypse movies -- quoth our critic: "This is The Road meets Testament by way of The Devil's Rejects, in the best possible way" -- this grim little gem runs at the Brattle from Friday through Thursday.

[music] Air Guitar Championships at Brighton Music Hall
Watch these mock-rockstars strum imaginary instruments with very real skill and finesse in the 2011 US Air Gr Championships. The best of Boston will gather at Brighton Music Hall this Friday for a chance to make it to the Nationals in Chicago at the end of next month. Still fuzzy on the concept? Check out our gallery of last year's imaginary-axe-shredders.

[Paris? is that really you?]  REPO! The Genetic Opera @ the Orpheum Theatre Fri + Sat, 11pm + 2am

Massachusetts-based shadowcast RKO Army presents Repo! The Genetic Opera. Repo is a 2008 American musical-film that has been panned, lauded, and received a cult following for its efforts. Starring the chick from Spy Kids, Giles from Buffy, Ogre from Skinny Puppy, and Paris Hilton, this Rocky-style screening is a must-see for anyone into that sort of thing. (From the vaults: a trip report from a 2009 midnight screening of Repo.)

[3-D Voorhees] Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D @ Coolidge Corner Theater Fri + Sat 11:59pm
Relive that first time you and your friends watched this classic horror film at your fourth-grade sleepover! In 3-D!

[film] Kickass @ Somerville Theatre Fri + Sat 11:59pm
Meanwhile, at Somerville Theatre, Aaron Johnson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse face off while Nic Cage lives out his Batman-esque daydreams in this big-screen adaptation of the acclaimed Mark Millar comic books. (How does the film stack up the comic? Maddy Myers breaks it down for you.) But the one to watch for, says our film critic Peter Keough, is Chloe Moretz, who transforms Kick-Ass "from an okay comic-book-hero parody into something approaching genius."


[free music] Make Music / Harvard Square @ Harvard Square 1pm

Inspired by the Parisian street-music festival Fête de la Musique, this free outdoor festival will feature 75 local bands and acts and a myriad different styles. The Square will be taken over by musicians and music-lovers in this immersive experience. Bring Your Own Bassoon.

[puppetry] Pirates & Tales of the Sea @ Puppet Showplace Theatre 10:30 am, 1 pm
This event is more for the kiddies, but if you've already memorized the dialogue to On Stranger Tides, Brookline's Puppet Showplace Theatre will stave off scurvy with a fresh shot of piratical exploits.

[showdown]  Banditos Misteriosos Water Gun Fight 2011 @ Location TBA, 2pm

The Banditos Misteriosos know that both Sarah Palin and her detractors got the story of Paul Revere wrong, and that the story of the Revolution in Boston is misremembered by history to obscure the terrifying truth: an epic quickdraw showdown between the Back Bay Swamp Creatures and Paul Revere's army of horse-men. The Banditos celebrate this true history with their fourth annual water-gun fight. The location will be announced a few hours prior to the event, and information can be found then on the website. And photos of last year's water-slaughter can be seen here.

[political dorkitude] Capitol Steps @ Wilbur Theater 7pm

These former Senate Staffers stepped down from Capitol Hill and up onto the stage to satirize the very people who employed them. In the 30-years since they have expanded their cast and their repertoire, producing 34 albums of material.


[bacon] BOSTON BACON TAKEDOWN @ The Armory 3pm
The Takedown is a national cooking competition that hosts events around the country. This weekend there will be one in Boston. The theme is bacon. Tickets are $20 and entitle you to sample 20 of the most magical bacon-based dishes imaginable. It is a slice of heaven. A heaven made of bacon.

[bazaar] Union Made - a Bazaar Bizarre Summer Fair  @ Union Square 12pm

And for those compulsively drawn to Somerville this Sunday who happen to be vegetarian and/or disgusted by the idea of a meat festival, fear not. The Bazaar Bizarre Summer Fair is taking place this weekend at Union Square, and will feature 40+ vendors selling clothing, accessories, art and food.


[books] Brooke Gladstone from NPR's On The Media @ Harvard Book Store 7pm

This week, we've got Brook Gladstone doing what she does best. Usually, she's the invisible voice guiding listeners through the quirks and snarls of the modern media landscape on NPR's On the Media; and this Monday, you can behold her in the flesh as she discusses her new book, Influencing the Machine.

For more events, check out our geekified listings portal. If you've got any geek-related events you'd like us to post, contact us! Follow us on Twitter @LaserOrgy! Follow our RSS feed! Tell your friends!

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