LO500 Battle of the Week: Day of the Tentacle vs. Chrono Trigger


For me, this may be one of our most difficult calls yet. I’ve already said nice things about both of these games. They’re two of my favorites. Maybe I just enjoy time travel and scientists of questionable skill?

To review: 

Day of the Tentacle
Currently not doing so hot in our poll. Revolves around a nerd, a mad scientist, a bizarre young woman, and a proto-Jack-Black-ish slob in their attempts to get a diamond to power the time machine that will send them back in the past one day in order to prevent the evil Purple Tentacle from carrying out his nefarious plans. Things go awry, the US flag is reimagined as a windsock, George Washington gets his teeth replaced, you nuke a hamster at some point - it's all quite entertaining.

Chrono Trigger
Currently top ten in our poll! Decidedly more epic than its opponent in this blog post. Party includes classic Square-ian "strong, silent type" as protagonist, nerdy scientist, a humanoid frog, a cavewoman with catlike features, and a robot. The gang here is also saving the world; the villain here, Lavos, is an alien being. Medieval, pre-historic, modern, and post-apocalyptic settings are all equally well-realized. Basically, it's really fun and you all should play it if you haven't.

But which is better? Chrono Trigger is probably the "right" answer here, but I don't know that you can really go wrong either way.

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