Nerd Nite Tonite: Cyberduds, Superdoves, and Potentially Life-Changing Protips

It's the last Monday of September, which means another Nerd Nite is upon us. This monthly casual, coffee-house-style dorkjam provides us all a much-needed the opportunity to come together and witness PowerPoint-wielding experts expound on the really important things in life: things like zombies, orcs, laser mind control, and cheese-making processes that involve maggot excrement and protective eyewear.

Tonight's Nerd Nite event features speakers so nerderific in their nerdery, the festivities will begin earlier than usual: 7 p.m. at the Middlesex Lounge in Central Square.

On the roster: Ada Brunstein, senior editor at MIT Press and freelance writer, will kick things off with  "Computational Couture: Clothing for the Techy Fashionista," hopefully touching on solar-panel-turned-model catastrophes like this.

Next, Courtney Humphries, author of Superdove: How the Pigeon took Manhattan, will help us think a little more deeply about the birds we mainly associate with statue defecation and disease spreading in her talk entitled, "Pigeons: The surprising story of the birds you love to hate."

Finally, San Fransisco-based illustrator and designer Tim Lillis, creator of the "Tricks of the Trade" comic strip in Make magazine, will impart some knowledge on the topic of Object Use Optimization, which basically means he'll show you key pointers on -- yes -- "Using Your Stuff Better." (Surely we've all groused about trying to use a touch screen when we're wearing gloves, the universal problem confronted by all smart phone owning Bostonians when winter's icy grip takes hold.)

As advertised on the Nerd Nite website, where you should go for more information about this event, the whole thing is just "like watching the Discovery Channel ... with beer." Need we say more?

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