Last Airbender fans: win a free Flipcam!

Not only do these tiny Airbender video cameras look cool, they're also stocked with exclusive footage. Comment on our Facebook post and tell us which Airbender element you identify with most, and you'll be entered to win your very own The Last Airbender Flip MinoHD.

In related Airbender news, the release date for the film has been bumped up a day to July 1st. Why? Demographics. Specifically: gender demographics.

According to that link, the film's "tracking is very good. Especially with males." Why is that relevant? Take note: Eclipse comes out the day before, and droves of swooning young females will be flocking the theatres ... but what will the dudes be seeing that weekend instead? Pushing Airbender up a day provides guys with an alternative to the latest sparkly vampire installment.

Weird part is, all of the fans of the original animated Avatar: The Last Airbender that I know are female ... and they all enjoy squeeing over Prince Zuko's scarred, unconventional prettiness. Eclipse, like previous installments in the Twilight franchise, will doubtless provide some shameless male eye candy -- but I'm guessing Airbender will include at least a little of that. If they want to, y'know, stay true to the original series.

Speaking of Eclipse: for those hetero-and-attached dudes who have reluctantly agreed to sit through more slow pans over Pattinson's pecs (or ladies like me who prefer action to romance), Eclipse promises more vampire fights and action sequences than previous films in the series have offered.

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