Nintendo bringing back Goldeneye for the Wii

So E3, the big gaming to-do where all of the companies announce their new titles, is happening right now. Nintendo had the floor today, and since they are Nintendo, they didn't really talk about much that wasn't connected to an already-existing property of theirs - they announced a new Zelda, a new Donkey Kong Country, a new Kirby, and a new Kid Icarus. And those are fine, sure. But what will probably be regarded as the most exciting news to gamers of a certain age is a different reboot: the classic N64 first-person shooter Goldeneye, now with Daniel Craig as James Bond, will return to the Wii courtesy of Activision. Most of you who were in college between the years 1997 and 2000 will likely remember spending many nights and afternoons playing this game on your floor's common-room television (full disclosure: I was terrible at it). Judging from the screenshot above, it looks like Activision and Nintendo went for an N64-esque visual feel with the classic four-way splitscreen interface. Hard to say if such a thing would hold up thirteen years later, but Nintendo's never really been about state-of-the-art technology when it comes to things like this - indeed, the original Goldeneye still has its share of detractors who insist that the game was only repackaging things that PC first-person shooters had already left in the dust.

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