Hotties of Lost: Nerve's Top 40 List

It's not exactly breaking news, but Nerve's list of the Top 40 hottest male Lost characters is definitely entertaining fluff. Unfortunately, some of that entertainment value comes from the sheer stupidity of their choices. For example: why is Widmore on the list at all, let alone at #20??

Desmond wins the number one slot, and Sawyer takes second place. Fair enough. I think that one's a toss-up; I do have a soft spot for heroes who shun haircuts and/or regular razor maintenance.

However, neither Sawyer nor Desmond is actually my number one. Who is? Hurley, duh. He may not be "conventionally attractive," but he's the only character that I'd date in real life. (Miles comes in second place in my actually-would-date running.) Why the crap is Hurley all the way at #35 on Nerve's list? Boo.

Those are just my personal choices -- and opinions vary widely on this one. The commenters at Jezebel have already been forming their alternate list orders. What's yours? Nerve plans to make a list of Lost's women as well, so feel free to have a crack at that too, before Nerve botches it.

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