In which The Simpsons wastes a pretty good idea on Ke$ha of all people

Last night, the Simpsons turned their opening sequence over to an animated sort-of-parody-sort-of-straight-interpretation of Ke$ha's hit single "Tik Tok," complete with couch gag. I may be a longtime fan of the show and apologist for its mostly-maligned later years (meaning the last four or five), but I can't really defend this. I don't necessarily have a problem with the show replacing its theme music every now and then (they do it pretty regularly over the end credits), and I like the idea of changing the visuals of the opener. But this song is not good, nor is it zeitgeist-capturing enough to justify this kind of treatment. When I see Lisa lipsynching to those opening lines, I cringe. Matt Groening actually has pretty good taste in music, so maybe next time people want to do this, they should try asking him for advice.

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