Dr. Horrible goes 8-bit

8-Bit Dr. Horrible

Ever since "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" went viral two years ago, Joss Whedon fans have been clamoring for one thing: to see this musical tragicomedy transformed into a Nintendo game circa 1986. Or maybe that's just us. In any case, Doctor Octoroc -- an 8-bit masher-upper who specializes in retro-video-game-inspired art and music -- has made our dream a reality.

Doc Oc just unveiled his latest project: "8-Bit Dr. Horrible," a creation so fiendishly clever, it could only have sprung from the fevered brain of an evil genius. Now you can watch a digital Dr. Horrible unleash his endearingly evil machinations in pixel form (we always thought NPH would make a great sprite), all to the blippy beat of Koji Kondo-inspired tunes. Our favorite part? You can kinda sorta pretend that you're playing along.
Octoroc's already done two installments; Act 3 is on its way -- keep an eye on his YouTube channel for future updates. If nothing else, this oughta to tide insatiable Whedonists over until that totally-actually-happening "Dr. Horrible" sequel comes out.
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