No Lost live chat tonight -- go ahead and watch S06E12 "Everybody Loves Hugo" without us

Apologies to all our legions of Lost chatjam fans: We have a experienced a terrible solenoid-coil incident, which flashed us into a sideways past where Eloise Hawking insisted that we're not ready yet for another chat, and to do so would be a violation of our true path. So, sorry about that. We'll be back next week.

In the meantime, here's a handful of scattered thoughts on last week's "Happily Ever After" and its implications for tonight's "Everybody Loves Hugo":

-So, it seems like we're supposed to interpret the L.A.-verse as proof that Daniel Faraday's plan -- blowing up the hydrogen bomb Jughead in 1977 -- did in fact work as intended. And that Juliet truly did not die in vain! (Just like her near-death glimpse of the sideways-verse, perhaps, led her to believe.)  That might ease those #sawyertears.

-We know that geophysicist Zoe* is super-important to What Happens this season. So now that's she's (non-fatally) pulverized Desmond with an electromagnetic blast, I wonder where she and Widmore are going with this. Says Widmore: "I need to know that he can do it again, or we all die." What will be Desmond's role in the master plan to keep Smokey from escaping the island (if that really is Widmore's master plan)?

-Also, can we now rule out the idea that Widmore and Smokey are playing on the same team?

-*Side note on Zoe: For a while there, I was rooting for her to turn out to be Smokey's crazy mom, but I think I'm going to give up on that one now.

For more potentially useful "Happily Ever After" musings in easy-to-digest listicle form, check out io9's "15 Things We Learned About Last Night's Lost."

In the meantime, we'll be looking forward to tonight's Hurley ep -- and it's about damn time we had a Hugo-centric story. (These tend to be my favorites.) Of course, considering the way this season is so grimly frog-marching us to a conclusion, we'll probably not be getting any of the "Hurley builds a golf course" or "Hurley hurls a Hot Pocket" goofiness that tends to make his plots so endearing. That said, we may be nearing ever closer to the "Hurley Hallucinated the Whole Thing" ending. (What? Sure as hell beats that genie theory.)
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