Rock Band ... with a flute?

Here's a little gamer innovation (courtesy of Co-Optimus). This young flutist discovered that she could ace Expert Mode on Rock Band not by singing, but by playing her flute into the mic:

My first reaction is a strong desire to break out my old clarinet and try it myself, but I also thought about what could this mean for future Rock Band peripherals. Musically-inclined gamers want some way to better incorporate real world know-how into this game, and what we need is an adaptor to plug into our guitars or attach to our drum sets. Such a tool would also provide extra motivation for the gamers who played Rock Band or Guitar Hero and found themselves wanting to try out the real deal.

So don't listen to what they say: rock music is alive and well. Rock Band forced people to start paying for music again, and it also allowed us to find obscure new groups and appreciate classic hits that might've been forgotten or left undiscovered by younger gamers. The game could make anybody feel like they have the chops to be in a real band -- and for those of us who do have skills outside the game (or who want to learn), we're just waiting on real instrument incorporation and an interface for uploading original material.

Until then? More Flute Hero, please -- we like what we hear.

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