A Farewell Letter to Super 88

Dear Super 88, 

It's been a long time coming for you. We didn’t want to believe that you were really going out of business -- but it turns out that you have declared bankruptcy and you’re suffering a messy legal aftermath.


We hope you keep your doors open as long as feasibly possible -- after all, we voted you Best Asian Grocery this year -- but we have come to accept that you are on your deathbed, and nothing short of a miracle cure will bring you back to your glory days.

 The recent cutbacks on your product have been distressing to behold. You’ve been missing everything from moshi to keffir lime leaves, and your produce section has dwindled dismally. But once upon a time, you were well-stocked and magnificent, and amateur East Asian cooks could have a field day browsing your diverse, inexpensive wares. Turns out there was a reason that your groceries were so well-priced -- you were sinking into debt. But it’s okay, Super 88. We are not going to shame you for your business practices, or even ask you about the rumblings that this is all because you started an unsuccessful casino business in Vietnam. Instead, we are going to remember the good times. We’re going to hang on to our memories of late-night Koala’s March cookie runs, and we’ll try to forget the skeletal, unstocked shelves you’re housing today. We’re going to keep in mind the way you were friendly and patient with well-meaning Wapanese (especially 'round Anime Boston season), as well as the retreat you provided for East Asian immigrants and transfer students craving a little slice of home.

We heard a rumor that you’re keeping your market food court open, even if/when the grocery closes. We pray that this is true, because we would be howling even harder if we couldn’t still get our quality Ph and bubble tea fix. We’ll miss your low grocery prices, your mystifying name, and the colorful banner that graced skylines in Allston, Malden, and Dorcester.

So long, and thanks for all the sashimi.

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