Uncharted 2, Dead Space: Extraction, Beatles Rock Band, and just a splash of sexism

When you’re done reading Mitch Krpata’s review of Uncharted 2 for this week, you should head over to his blog and check out his two follow-up posts about the game.


In other video-game-related news, apparently Dead Space: Extraction sold an embarrassingly low 9,000 copies in its first week of release. The game’s predecessor, Dead Space, marked the map with viscerally disgusting monsters; the sequel got a good reception for giving us more of the same. So why isn’t it selling? The blame goes to EA for not advertising the game enough, but the other problem is all the soccer-mom baggage that comes with the game’s exclusivity to the Wii. We expect the Wii to give us this, not this. It’s up to you whether you think Nintendo deserves that stereotype -- they did give us Mad World.


Speaking of undeserved stereotypes, Playlogic didn’t get the year-old memo about their demographic, so they’ve released a trailer for their new game Fairytale Fights featuring 29 seconds of porn stars and only 3 seconds of gameplay -- literally. The fact that they had to do that means their game probably sucks, but just the same, what the crap? Most lady-gamers are still busy being annoyed about Halo: ODST, but we’ve got plenty of righteous rage to go around, Playlogic, so there’s no need to goad anyone.


Ending on a happier note, the Abbey Road track-pack is out for Beatles Rock Band, and Wired gives us five reasons why that $16.99 is worth spending. You should only need one: it's Abbey Road.

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