Five great spots to get bibimbap in Allston (in no particular order)

It is an undisputed fact that Korean food is the best stuff to eat in the whole wide world forever and ever no questions thank you amen. And atop this mountain of kimchi’d glory sits one dish to rule them all: Bibimbap. If you are unfamiliar with this perfect god-given gift of a meal, let me give you some backstory here. Bibimbap (say BEE-bim-bahp) is constituted of steamed rice and a ton of veggies -- usually including a leafy green, sprouts, carrots, daikon, cucumber, and mushrooms -- plus seasoned beef, and a fried egg all together in a bowl (in the case of dolsot and okdol bibimbap, a hot stone bowl). You can usually expect some spicy sauce to stick on there, too, along with some banchan (side dishes). It’s everything you need to fill your empty gut, and usually for a decent price. Most Allston Korean joints (which is to say, most restaurants in Allston) serve up this tasty piece. Here are some spots definitely worth checking out.

HANMARU, 170 Harvard Avenue
10.95 for straight-up bibimbap
This low-key Asian fusion spot has super tasty banchan to go along with their no-nonsense bibimbap. The menu is worth some extra perusal to check out the offerings of Thai, Chinese, and (obviously) ramen.

COLOR, 166 Harvard Avenue
9.00 for straight-up bibimbap
Color recently took a hiatus for a cosmetic overhaul, and though the new look is markedly more monochromatic than its name might suggest, the food is full up with lovely colors and delicious flavors, all beautifully presented.

MYUNG DONG 1st AVE, 90 Harvard Avenue
11.99 for straight-up bibimbap
A staple in the night scene among Allston’s hip K-crowd, Myung Dong is precisely where you’ll wind up seeking out a cure for that late-night tasty-craving. Ponder the scores of soju (rice liquor) options then gaze into colorful vortex of K-pop music vids always running in this joint.

KAJU TOFU HOUSE, 58 Harvard Avenue
9.99 for straight-up bibimbap
Though a newcomer to the Allston Korean chow-town scene, Kaju Tofu has already made it’s tasty, tasty mark. Everything here’s pretty straight-up in terms of authenticity, and if you’re lucky you’ll be waited on by the loveliest little Korean lady; say hi to your new dream-mom. (Check out a full review of Kaju Tofu in On the Cheap.)

BONCHON, 123 Brighton Avenue
12.95 for okdol bibimbap
Better known for their phenomenal chicken, this international chain (there are a few dozen BonChons strewn across the US and Southeast Asia) also serves up a darn tasty bibimbap. The blaring pop music may be initially distracting, but once you’ve got food in your face you’re not gonna notice anything else.
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