Meet the Mayor: Pulse Cafe

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

The Pulse Café
Leah Rodriguez

Why eat brunch here?
‘Cause they're awesome. We were here for six hours one day. They didn't bother us or kick us out or anything. It was the hurricane weekend, so it wasn't raining when we got here. Then it started to pour. We sort of camped out.

Best thing on the menu?
The "Somerville Cheese Steak" sandwich is awesome. ... It's seitan with tapioca-based vegan cheese, with peppers and stuff in it. Pulse Café is supposed to close November 20. I work down the street, so I'll have to find somewhere else to come for lunch - or be responsible and bring lunch from home.

Most animals are nice, but turkeys suck. Does that make eating turkey more acceptable?
[Nearby patrons do not find this line of questioning amusing. The interview continues outside.]

Is there any food item without a vegan equivalent?
I've even been to some places with eggs in the shape of eggs that look the way an egg might look on a sandwich.

Cannibalism: ever acceptable?
I have an agreement with some people where, if we're in certain situations, I'm allowed to eat them. But that's a prearranged agreement. There's consent involved.

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