Menino versus the weathermen: it's on

During a speech to the Mass. High Tech Council yesterday, Boston mayor Tom Menino mocked local weathermen's performance in last week's Storm that Wasn't--and took a broader jab at weather guys/gals as a profession. “Just imagine if you have a job like a meteorologist,” said, according to State House News Service (via the Herald). “You’re right 25 percent of the time, and you make big bucks. It’s amazing, it really is."

Ouch! But like the mayor's last foray into media criticism--in which he lamented the press's negativity and pined for a paper called The Good News of Boston--this bit of kvetching may come back to bite Menino in the posterior. For one thing, Fox 25's AJ Burnett has already tweeted that Menino's math is suspect (via Universal Hub).

What's more, while the next mayoral election is a long way off, a future Menino opponent could have some fun here. For example: "Just imagine if you have a job like the mayor. [X percent] of Boston public school students [drop out, can't pass the MCAS, etc], and you're repeatedly reelected. It's amazing, it really is."

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