bestnom1000x50's lame Peyton Manning slideshow

As you may have seen, whipped up a slideshow titled "Poutin' Peyton" for Super Bowl 44, in which Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts lost to the New Orleans Saints. My first thought: "Hey, good for! Way to take advantage of Patriot fans' anti-Manning animosity!" (Or something like that.)

Today, though, I finally checked out the slideshow in question. And for something that purports to be "a history of Peyton Manning's uglier moments"--as it's described on the home page--it's pretty damn weak.

Let's review, shall we?

Image 1: Fan holds an anti-Manning poster featuring Donald Trump. Manning not in photo.

Image 2: Manning bows head after a busted play.

Image 3: The Saints score after an interception as Manning, watching from the ground, looks away.*

Image 4: Manning exits field after Super Bowl loss. Oddly, arms not raised in triumph.

Image 5:  Manning "scowls" during win over the Ravens.

Image 6:  Patriot fan holds anti-Manning sign. Manning not in photo.

Image 7: Manning touches helmet in game against Patriots, apparently after being sacked. Oddly, arms not raised in triumph.

Image 8: Manning raises arms--according to caption, to complain about officiating. (NB: this occasionally happens in pro sports.)

Image 9:  Manning looks glum after Colts lose to Patriots.

Image 10: Manning looks glum; circumstances unclear.

Image 11: Manning glum after Colts routed by Patriots. 

Image 12: Manning ignores Patriot who's yelling at him, but doesn't actually look that glum.

The takeaway, I guess, is that Manning doesn't look happy when he's losing or when the game isn't going well. But for God's sake, this is not news! Not even here in the "Sports Hub!"

 *NOTE: I'd initially written that Manning wasn't in the photo. Thanks to the alert reader who pointed out his presence.

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