The Flaherty/Yoon show: first impressions--updated!

So I swung by Government Center this morning to check out the kick-off of Michael Flaherty and Sam Yoon's joint campaign.  I missed the start, but still caught some noteworthy details:

1. The turnout seemed low--about 70-80 people, I'd guess, with almost as many media members as campaign supporters/operatives. 

2. When Flaherty was asked about his pledge to serve only two terms, his reply went something like this: "The people of Boston have my word--the same way they had the current mayor's word that he would only serve two terms." [Update: I'm told by a colleague that Flaherty mentioned passing term limits at the preser, and that he contrasted his word w/ Menino's. My advice later this paragraph stands, however; any reference to both Flaherty's word and Menino's word is counterproductive here.] Yoon, for his part, observed that "There are no guarantees in life," or words to that effect. Michael and Sam: you might want to work on this part of the sales pitch.

3. Flaherty did considerably better when asked about Menino aide Nick Martin's contention that the Flaherty/Yoon ticket is illegal. "The mayor," Flaherty said, "is the last person to be dispensing legal advice right now"--a pointed and (to my mind) effective jibe at Email-gate.

Anybody catch the start of the presser? Am I missing anything significant?

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