The No-Kennedy Zone


That would be the Weekly Standard's Web site, which has seven Wednesday blog posts as of this writing--and nary a mention of Kennedy's death.

And yes, that includes a conspicuous non-mention of Kennedy in the "The Daily Grind," the Standard's wrap-up of today's headlines.

Fun fact: back in June, when Rupert Murdoch sold the Standard to Phil Anschutz--the staunch conservative and would-be Michael Jackson promoter--editor Bill Kristol promised a "stronger Web presence."

UPDATE: Anschutz's Clarity Media Group also owns the web sites. At's Boston iteration, you have to hunt for any Kennedy reference--but you can find one if you try! (Clue: it's not in the widget; that's taken by "Nothing Good to Eat," "Cross Trainers Vs. Treadmills, which is better for you?", and "Arthritis and multisport.")

Still stumped? Scroll down, keep your eyes on the left-hand side of the page, and you'll find it: "Ted Kennedy dies at 77 locals [sic] saddened, but questions remain," written by the Middlesex County Libertarian Examiner. Here's the closing paragraph:

 As is typical of socialists good intentions do not justify the ends.  Failure of socialism is the inability to correctly consider all individual needs and ill effects of a one-fit-all approach.  Kennedy may have created numerous incidents of people benefiting, but ignoring the broader consequences of such policies clouds judgment and loses sight of reality.  We must learn from mistakes of such broad legislation, ask questions and avoid being blinded by benevolence.


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