Romney to GM?

In the wake of Mitt Romney's Times column on how to fix Detroit, Blue Mass. Group's David Kravitz suggests that Mitt Romney take over as GM's CEO:

It's perfect.  GM needs new management; Romney's free; he's a turnaround guy; he's from Detroit; his dad ran a car company; he's already got a national profile, which would really help GM; he's already filthy rich, so he could take the job for a pittance.  It's totally perfect.

Plus, it's a brilliant political move for him.  High risk, sure -- but if he can pull it off, what a feather in his cap. His political career needs a turnaround of its own, and nothing would be better than jump-starting GM.  (Ha! Get it?  Jump-starting?)

The current management of GM is surely not long for the job.  After today's debacle over the corporate jets (seriously -- did you hear about this? these idiots flew their corporate jets from Detroit to DC to beg for a bailout), there's no way this Wagoner dude is going to hang on.

What do you say, Mitt?  Put your money and your effort where your mouth is.  If the job opens up (which it surely will, one way or another -- there eventually will be some sort of federal aid, and one of the conditions will almost surely be to force out current management), step up and save the industry you grew up in, and that you say you love.  Wouldn't it be nice to have the whole country rooting for you, for a change?

Excellent idea, David! Yet another benefit: running GM would allow Mitt to move to Michigan, thereby becoming a "Heartland" figure and distancing himself from wacky liberal Massachusetts.

Last time I posted on Romney's political present and future, a boatload of Romney fans weighed in. If you're out still out there, Mittheads, I'm curious: how would you feel about your guy taking the GM CEO's post?

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