Pro-Obama hate crime or preposterous hoax?

Did a big black guy really rob and mutiliate a young white female in Pittsburgh after spotting a McCain-Palin sticker on her car?

Fox News suggests it's legit. TMZ is  withholding judgment.

Here's a photo of the alleged victim. My prediction is that this is a stunt. If I'm wrong, feel free to point that out:

P.S.--For the record, here's a sampling of how this story's being treated as of 8 pm:

--Fox News: On the front page of

--CNN: Not on the front page of, not on the Ticker

--Politico: Not on the front page of; on Jonathan Martin's GOP-focused blog under the heading, "It's getting ugly out there."

--NY Times: Not on the front page of, the front of the Politics page, or The Caucus.

--Drudge: top of the front page. 

P.P.S.--This may be the only time I've ever agreed with Michelle Malkin

P.P.P.S--Here's some Twittering that the alleged victim, Ashley Todd, did before and after the alleged attack. Todd's Twitter feed is now protected.

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