Dubious theme of the day: Free Sarah Palin!


Is Sarah Palin an overmanaged candidate? Yes! says CNN's Gloria Borger:

[N]ow the McCain campaign has a real problem. They've managed to turn a self-confident and appealing candidate into one who is afraid of veering off her talking points. She's clearly studying and cramming, but it's like trying to cram for an exam when you haven't really taken the class.

And the more mistakes she makes on her scarce public outings, the more self-assurance she loses. Each mistake becomes magnified, so one mistake could be deadly.

Ditto, says old friend Mitt Romney:

Holding Sarah Palin to just three interviews and microscopically focusing on each interview I think has been a mistake. I think they'd be a lot wiser to let Sarah Palin be Sarah Palin. Let her talk to the media, let her talk to people.

Here's what I don't get: based on what we've seen from Palin so far--with the exception of one successful speech at the RNC--the woman's simply out of her depth. So why, exactly, is giving her more chances to drive this point home supposed to be a good idea?

Color me cynical, but the Free Sarah Palin argument sounds like the latest wacky stunt from the McCain camp.

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