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Monthly Forecast: September 2008

"Out of the cradle endlessly rocking,
out of the mocking-bird's throat, the musical shuttle, Out of the ninth-month midnight, Over the sterile sands and the fields beyond, where the child leaving his bed wander'd alone, bareheaded, barefootŠ" Walt Whitman, "Out of the Cradle"

September is a serious month, isn't it. It's the first month of the last part of the year in which one can eat oysters (sybaritic!), but the first month of the last part of the year where the work needs to get done. No "Honey Moon" or "Rose Moon"
this month kiddoes - it's all about the "Harvest Moon" and the equinox and the diminishing spray of sunlight.

But I digress. If you're new to this page, or find yourself in your brand-new college town looking for guidance, it's all right here! When I first began writing this column, in August of 1998, I was an instructor at the big H university and decided then and there that Symboline was going to write this space. If my students read this they'd realized I'd probably cut them some slackage during Mercury retrograde. And speaking of same, we have a Mercury retrograde in Libra starting September 24 through October 15. That
means: do your important communication
beforehand, save your documents, double-proof the correspondence and try to say what you mean. With Venus and Mars conjunct in Libra, look for harmony in unlikely places all month. And air signs will be in a mood for l'amour.

I'll be at Roots on Saturday, September 6 with a FREE lecture on lunar phases, as well as some astrological tarot readings.  Roots, 100 Crawford St., Leominster, Mass.  just off Route 2. 978-534 7668. $30 half hour, or $50 an hour (which you can share with a friend or partner). Symboline uses your natal data and tarot cards to help you figure out life/work issues. Gift certificates available. I'm also available for house-parties.
I'll come to your abode with my cards and shawls and ephemerides and crystal ball and provide astrological readings to your guests. Great for a fund-raiser - email me for rates:
sally@moonsigns.netVisit for more.

Listen to me every Monday at 2 p./m.  on WCRN, 830 AM on THE HANK STOLZ EXPERIENCE.

Yours in the cause of a more orderly universe / Symboline Dai

ARIES (March 21 or 22 to April 19 or 20).
Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by Mars.
Represented by the Ram, Aries love to start (but usually not finish), make great leaders (as long as there are followers), and can be incredibly generous. Famously confident Aries include Marlon Brando, Harry Houdini, and Nikita Kruschev.
Difficult days come on 1, 2, 28, 29
Smoother sailing comes on 15-17
The big picture in a nutshell . . .
With Mars in Libra, opposing your sun sign, your best efforts could reap modest rewards.
Conventional astrology says that this Martian placement wreaks havoc with your relationships, but my money says that Aries has been so focussed on work - so preoccupied with Doing Things Right that relationships have been back-burnered for a while. Because, you know, relationships aren't The World. A relationship is with one person and Aries is built for a public life - happiest when interacting with groups or - best yet - telling others what to do! But beware, because this month, there's way too much Libra action and your forthrightness and forcefulness is liable to be met with, "Oh, yes, of course," and then the listener goes and blithely does what they would have anyway. Some hints for when specific Rams need to take protective cover: Rams born in March should expect opposition from the world September
1 to 8. Those born April 1 to 7 will get  stymied September 5 through 15. Those born April 8 to 15 will be frustrated September 8 to 25 and those born after that date should be cautious about airing new ideas from mid-month through early October. I'm not saying you can't get your way.
Just that it will come at a cost, and the cost could be pride.

TAURUS (April 20 or 21 to May 20 or 21).
  Taurus is a fixed earth sign, practical and, for the most part, steady.  Ruled by Venus, Taureans like comfort and aesthetic beauty. Famous Taureans include: Fred Astaire, Duke Ellington and Salvador Dali. Despite this stellar line-up, they're team players, and lead only if they absolutely have to.  Represented by the bull, Taureans are slow to anger, but once riled make formidable foes.
Difficult days come on 3-5
Smoother sailing comes on 18-19
The big picture in a nutshell . . .

Your acquisitive nature is ignited this month as so many planets in Libra (which is ruled by your ruler, Venus) sparks your need for deep and intense friendships and relationships... with beautiful shiny objects! Taurus should have a highly productive month, particularly those of you born around May 5-9. This is an excellent time to bring forward new ideas in the workplace and to combine groups of people in a way that benefits your larger purpose. Around September 25, when Venus moves into Scorpio, opposing your sun, you'll embark on a three-week period of inattention to matters that usually find you at your best. Experimenting with weird clothing combinations or strange hair color or cuts, or individuals who require more than the usual special handling could characterize this period.
If you find yourself defending someone whom others think is "de trop," and it's late September, you're in tune with the planets, which is to say, out of tune with yourself.


GEMINI (May 21 or 22 to June 21 or 22).
Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury.
Represented by the Twins (or Janus, the two-faced figure), appealling Geminis with at least two well-defined personalities are Elizabeth Hurley (forgiving girlfriend/dedicated movie producer), John F. Kennedy (humanitarian/party animal), and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinborough (gruff regal paterfamilias/sensitive environmentalist). Gemini charms everyone with nonstop talk and fanciful ideas.
Difficult days come on 6-8
Smoother sailing comes on 20-21
The big picture in a nutshell . . .

You, and the other air signs should have an excellent September because a ton of planets are in harmony in Libra, smoothing the way for Gemini to deepen useful relationships and build on newly-learned skils. Those who will be having a tricky time are those born June 2-6. You're having that Saturn square be EXACT on your sun, which could prompt you to take a risk at work or
- worse - expect justice and logic where there is none. Or, you could find that something or someone you've invested in just isn't. Paying.
Off. Best to ease up on your own expectations.
You can get past this tricky period (it lasts for the month), and find something else to do. That's usually Gemini's forte - finding other activities. But for the most part, all relationships should go swimmingly and you could be the one person in your circle who gets along with EVERYONE.


CANCER (June 22 or 23 to July 22 or 23).
Cancer is a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon. Represented by the crab, Cancers can be home-loving, deeply domestic, fiercely loyal and self-protective and prone to stomach upsets when life doesn't go their way. Cancers feel everything very deeply, but won't necessarily tell you about this. Well, they will, but on their time. They prefer to move sideways -- frequently. Henry David Thoreau was a Cancer, and a quirky version of the breed -- he turned Walden into a home, but what a home...Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford are also Cancers. So was the Princess of Wales and the current Duchess of Cornwall. "Well-defended" is what we find in many crabbies.

Difficult days come on 8-10
Smoother sailing comes on 22-23
The big picture in a nutshell . . .

You, like Aries and Capricorn are having some difficult astrology this month, thanks to Libra moving through Mars, Venus and Mercury and playing games with your sun. You could find you're being easily irked, or misunderstanding what's in front of you. And then going into cancer-into-shell mode when your behavior is called into question. My advice is to pay attention to when the moon is in a water or earth sign and make your moves then. Difficulties or delays that emerge this month aren't permanent or terminal, but just enough to make a classic Cancer feel like, "I worked so hard and this is what I get??" Romance could be tumultuous - or you could find yourself attracted to someone who's absolutely not your type, yet who has powers of persuasion that draw you deeper into feelings of emotional vulnerability.

LEO (July 23/24-August 23).
Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun.
Represented by the lion, Leos are happy being the center of attention and don't feel fully alive without an admiring audience to applaud their activities. The ready smile (but not laugh) is theirs -- this is the sign of kings, or those who would be. Famous Leos who enjoy their command include Bill Clinton, Princess Margaret, and Napoleon.
Difficult days come on 11-13
Smoother sailing comes on 24-25
The big picture in a nutshell . . .
This month, you can build on projects that were going great guns in late May and June. For the most part, the planets are giving you all kinds of opportunities to expand and broaden your horizons. Maybe you're back in school, and hoping for more of a challenge.  Unless you're in love or in business with an  Aries, Cancer (so
unlikely)  or Libra, October is an excellent month for Leo to consolidate the kingdom. The planets are helping you seem more authoritative, more kingly, and definitely more generous.
However, I know you guys have special
relationships with people of the Capricorn persuasion, and I should warn you that they will not be at their best. In fact, their quest for solitude (as well as an ear to whine to) will be at a peak. And if you're being irked by someone goatish, or scales-ish, or just stubborn about their indecisiveness, the temptation will be to point out their shortcomings. Don't do it - retrograde Mercury (starting September 24) loves that kind of hubris.


VIRGO (August 24-September 22/23).
Virgo is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury.
Represented by the Virgin, many Virgos are classic compulsive perfectionists whose eye for detail may delight an actuary, but annoy the rest of us. Famous Virgos include D.H. Lawrence, Cardinal Richelieu and Goethe.
Difficult days come on 13-15
Smoother sailing comes on 26-28
The big picture in a nutshell . . . It's your birthday! And it's a doozy. Your life has been in total transformational mode since September, 2007 and you're only halfway through a 2-plus year transit. I've seen more Virgos at my tarot reading opportunities and I have to say - you guys are definitely a sign that knows how to listen. If you've had health problems, love troubles, work bust-ups or other stress-inducing events (taking care of someone sickly or dealing with a difficult kid), including financial issues, you're in tune with the universe. And if you're born in 1980, 1968, or 1956 and you're a Virgo, trust me, things could be worse (you guys got Jupiter on your sun sign, which will always mitigate the icky Saturn stuff). Last month, Mars helped you out, making life easier in terms of prioritizing. This month, you build on decisions made in July through mid-August.

LIBRA (September 23/24-October 23/24).
Libra (September 24-October 23) is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus and represented by the Scales. Famous Libras include John Lennon, Franz Liszt and Sarah Bernhardt. Libras love harmony, partnership, and are frequently indecisive. But oh, how charming they can be about it. At least that's what they tell us.
Difficult days come on 15-17
Smoother sailing comes on 1-3, 28-30
The big picture in a nutshell . . .  Well, air signs, as they say, rise above it all, and this month, Libra gets some really fabulous opportunities to, uh, how do I say this. Speak up for yourselves? Be forthright in what you want and how much you want for it? Get involved with someone who's really different from the usual flavor  - a 58th variety. Let's be specific.
Venus and Mars are conjunct in your sign. If you have ever felt like you were wearing catnip for all genders - this is the month. You'll be arbiter, advice-giver, listener, fill-in-the-blanker everytime you turn. Those born in September can make big decisions September 1-7. Those born October 1-7 can make big decisions September 3-12. Those born October
8-15 can make big decisions September 10-20.
those born after October 15 have from September
15 through October  5. Seriously, guys. Don't be shy. Speak up - take a stand, stick to your guns.

SCORPIO (October 24-November 22).
Scorpio is a fixed water sign formerly ruled by Mars, now by Pluto, which astrologers still consider a planet, thank-you-very-much, represented by the Scorpion. Famous Scorpios include Prince Charles, Picasso, and Robert Kennedy. Scorps mystify more people than any other sign, mostly because the themes of sex, death and other people's money rule the 8th house, Scorpio's natural home. Charming but not overly sociable, your typical Scorps are charismatic, occasionally devious with an ethical compass all their own.
Difficult days come on 18-19
Smoother sailing comes on 3-5
The big picture in a nutshell . . .
This month so many other signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Aries and Cancer) are being hammered and teased unmercifully, that Scorpio's job is to be patient-listener and completely self-sufficient friend/lover. Aries and Cancer especially are getting stressed out, and if you have good distraction methods, feel free. The HELL with other signs, Scorpio says quietly, what about MeMeME?!  For the most part, this is an excellent month to simplify your finances as well as to do the boring preparation work that's necessary before the next big project. Which will launch from October 5 through your birthday month.
Mercury retrogrades on September 25 but that will be less painful than usual for you because Venus moves into your sun sign at the same time. So even if you do say the wrong thing the wrong way
- you'll be forgiven. er has much better angles from other planets.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23-December 22 or 23).
Sagittarius (November 23-December 22).
Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Represented by the centaur (half-man, half-beast), Sadge loves justice, and is keenly interested in philosophizing. Finding them at home is difficult -- they're happiest on a long trip, or 'trip.' Well-travelled Sadges include:
Frank Sinatra, William Buckley Jr., Winston Churchill and Joe DiMaggio.
Difficult days come on 20-21
Smoother sailing comes on 6-8
The big picture in a nutshell . . .
Sagittarius, are you ready for a breather yet?
You get one (except those of you born December
3-8 - some powerful professional or physical
challenges) this month. With so many planets in harmonious air signs, you may wonder - where's the fun? Well, look closely. September has some marvelous opportunities to nudge along privileges and professional training opportunities that came along in the summer. But as for love - Venus is making you crazy the first two weeks.
Crazy-needy-reassurance-junkie stuff, at variance with how the WORLD perceives Sadge. One of the lessons Sadge takes a loo-o-ong time to learn is how their behavior affects others. WE see you as Mr./Ms. Confident, breezing along, feet not quite touching the ground. YOU SEE YOU as hipchecking your way through life - first ow-ow-ow, then, very belatedly, DID ANYONE SEE? Such a mixture of unself-consciousness and hyper-awareness is part of the Sadge magic. Hey, any sign that can house Emily Dickinson (December 10) and Fiorello LaGuardia (December 11) has more tricks than I can figure out.


CAPRICORN (December 22 or 23 to January 20 or 21).
Capricorn (Dec. 23-Jan. 20). Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign ruled by Saturn represented by the goat. Caps are dogged, responsible, occasionally blunt, reliable, long-lived and prone to gloom, although admirably steady. Famous Capricorns include Benjamin Franklin, Joan of Arc, and Richard Nixon. Capricorn is having a wonderful Jupiter transit this year, which could help your mood enormously.
Difficult days come on 22-24
Smoother sailing comes on 8-10
The big picture in a nutshell . . . Okay, here's the deal.  Mars isn't helping you out this month.
Nor is Mercury or Venus. Mars will facilitate anger for you, which is somewhat different from mumbling something peevish. Here's how it breaks down. Those of you born in December may have conflicts September 1-8. Those born during the first ten days of January will be unpredictable September 7-15. Those of you born after that will be especially volatile September 15-October 4.
Take up martial arts, but don't be a wuss. This is a courage testing time, and what's helping you out is Jupiter and Saturn, who's usually SCREWING with the rest of the world.

AQUARIUS (January 20 or 21-February 19 or 20).
Aquarius (Jan. 21-Feb. 19) is a fixed air sign ruled by Uranus. Represented by the water carrier, Aquarians are dreamy, methodical, and humanitarian to an extreme. Ruled by the planet Uranus, Aquarians surprise us all with the unexpected move, but they're usually ahead of the curve. Need investment advice? Call an Aquarian, and find out where the money goes (usually not to them, but that's ok -- air signs can swing with that). Famous Aquarians include: Lewis Carroll, Norman Rockwell and Franklin Roosevelt.

Difficult days come on 24-25
Smoother sailing comes on 11-13
The big picture in a nutshell . . .
Aquarius has a lot of really wonderful planetary action happening in September. All the planets in air signs (mercury, Venus, Mars) are making great angles to your sun sign, so if you've been looking for a month to schedule a party, or interviews, or seeing what your next job opportunity is, or changing careers, this is an excellent time for information gathering.
However, your Capricorn, Aries and Cancer friends are liable to be preoccupied and not really onboard with your (customarily charming) Aquarian floatiness.

Don't be surprised by unexpected feelings of amorousness (Venus and Mars in harmony) as well as your ability to combine people who wouldn't normally seem to go together. Do your best to smooth the path for yourself, because I can promise you that next month, from October 4 through Thanksgiving, the planets will be saying 'uh-uh-uhhh.'

PISCES (February 19 or 20 to March 20 or 21).
Pisces (February 20-March 21). Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, some Pisces, like some Libras thrive in indecision, especially of the emotional-quandary kind.
Well-adapted Pisces realize they need plenty of art/music/poetry in their life to stave off the blues. Frequent company helps too. Pisces rules the 12th house (secrets, institutions), and though they'll take the spotlight if you ask them, they're perfectly happy behind the scenes.
And if they are in the spotlight, they'll be inimitable and memorable, and slightly strange (Karen Carpenter and Lou Reed are both Pisces).

Difficult days come on 26-28
Smoother sailing comes on 13-15
The big picture in a nutshell . . . Pisces has had so many changes, reversed opportunities and other disruptions since September 2007 and the good news is that this month signifies the half-way point for this stuff. Believe me, you guys have a great sense of humor but if this will make you feel any better, believe me, I know you've been stressed and tested, bullied and buried thanks to Saturn opposing your sun. When that happens, it seems as though you need to work twice as hard to get half as far. And Pisces, who has that "go with the flow" thing down so well, would just as soon not be bothered.

Okay, I know you folks come here for
encouragement, and - aha - I have plenty. Here's what's happening - stick with the air sign folks
- the more unreliable the better. They can carry you through. And set up opportunities to succeed or make a name for yourself in October. This is a good month for relationships in general, particularly finding the good in unusual personalities. If you've been dealing with an illness or ailment, this is a good month to try out alternative medications or health practices.
See things from all angles. And yes, I know you live your life underwater. -30-

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When the moon is in your sun sign (e.g., you’re a Taurus and the moon is in Taurus), you are beginning a new 28-day emotional cycle. Expect increased insight and emotional responses during this two day period. The moon changes sign approximately every 2.5 days, so it’s influence is intense, but ultimately brief. Now, when the moon is in the sign opposite your sun sign, expect some ups and downs. Here are the oppositions: Aries, Libra. Taurus, Scorpio. Gemini, Sagittarius. Cancer, Capricorn. Leo, Aquarius and Virgo, Pisces.

As the moon between signs, it will sometimes become "void of course," and make no major angles to planets. Consider this a null time and try to avoid decision-making or implementing decisions if you can. It is an excellent period for creativity, unexpected encounters, and quirky outcomes.

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