That's one of the things us Jews are always kind of baffled about when Christians get all het up about whether there's Heaven and Hell, because Jews have never been all that concerned about it. I think there's a place in the Talmud where it's described as perpetual Torah study. And only the people who are writing the Talmud would enjoy that. Nerd heaven.
It's a classic example of asking people what heavens going to be like, and it will generally be a really awesome version of whatever they like to do the best. Which I'm fine with. But, yes: What could be more fun than to debate Torah?

It's a great coincidence that you're going to be in town on the 25th, because as you know, there will be no more actual Christians left on that day. They'll be gone.
HA! Because of the end of the world?

Because of the Rapture; it's on the 21st.
Is it the 21st this year? It's almost like Mother's Day. 'Which weekend is it, the 15th or the 17th?' You know I was just doing a booksigning in Minneapolis, and this guy comes up in the line and stands there and holds this sticker in front of his chest, and it says the end of the world will be may 21st. And I said 'What's this?' and he says 'I just found this sticker and I'm going to put it on my friend's car and see how long it takes him to realize. This guy's idea of a good time is putting this kind of bumper sticker on his friends' cars. In order to save their souls? Oh, no, no! Subversive humor! The dorm humor in all of us.

We found out about it from a billboard, so we're having a Rapture Issue.
Ahahaha, no way!

Yeah, it's going to be -- well it's not going to be the last issue, because obviously all of us will still be here.
You'll rise from the ashes.

I think we'll be left behind.

We are, you know, a punk rock liberal alternative newsweekly. There's no hope for us. Which is cool, though; we can cover the apocalypse.
Somebody needs to.

By the way, are you familiar with where the whole Rapture thing comes from, the earthquake in Asia Minor and the rebuilding of the city and all that?

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