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Trent Reznor

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The Big Hurt: Durst pantsed, Michaels smooshed

Music news in brief
"This isn't a reunion, this is a comeback," quibbled the red-hatted irrelephant in a BBC interview.
By DAVID THORPE  |  June 23, 2009

Photos: Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction

The NINJA Tour, Comcast Center, June 3, 2009
Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction, live at the Comcast Center, June 3, 2009
By CARINA MASTROCOLA  |  June 08, 2009

The long good-byes

Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction, live at the Comcast Center, June 3, 2009
Some time in the late 90s, Trent Reznor holed himself up in a house near the ocean. Ostensibly, he was there to write some music. And while he did use that time to begin piecing together some of the songs that would become Nine Inch Nails's 1999 double-album The Fragile , Reznor.
By RYAN STEWART  |  June 04, 2009

Fleecing, stealing, shilling, and sucking with impunity

The Big Hurt: Music news in brief
Over the busy holiday season, a tremendous wealth of worthless music-news tidbits slipped through the cracks, unnoticed by a lethargic, goose-sated America.
By DAVID THORPE  |  January 06, 2009


Tracing Ogre’s trajectory
Skinny Puppy's Nivek Ogre has made the rounds for the better part of this decade as ohGr, with a more cut-and-paste approach to the electric misanthropy his old band pioneered.
By MATT PARISH  |  December 05, 2008

Susanna | Flowers of Evil

Rune Grammofon (2008)
Flowers of Evil — a covers record, though it includes two originals — lacks power.
By DEVIN KING  |  November 24, 2008

Lavigne squeaks; Winehouse freaks; Oasis leaks

The Big Hurt: music news in brief
Courtney Love and Avril Lavigne both have laryngitis this week. Explain that, Richard Dawkins.
By DAVID THORPE  |  May 22, 2008

Boston music news: March 21, 2008

Notes on Brian Viglione, the Unseen, and Girl Authority
When Trent Reznor made the new Nine Inch Nails album Ghosts I-IV available as a download earlier this month, all the hype was about the method of its release.
By JIM SULLIVAN  |  March 18, 2008

Mega-deluxe edition

The Big Hurt: Trent Reznor pushes the premium fabric-bound envelope
Last week, Trent Reznor shocked fans and industry types with the surprise on-line release of a new instrumental album, Ghosts I-IV .
By DAVID THORPE  |  March 10, 2008

Future rap

Saul Williams teams up with Trent Reznor
“Sometimes I find it very hard to be me,” Saul Williams raps on The Rise and Inevitable Liberation of NiggyTardust! ’s first track, “Black History Month.”
By BEN WESTHOFF  |  December 10, 2007


Stuff you've never heard and "Fuck A Record Company"
You’ve probably heard of two of the “indie” hip-hop artists below, even if they’re bypassing trad distribution models and just giving away their music.
By NICK SYLVESTER  |  November 19, 2007

Post-punk pantheon

Daydream Nation  tops our list of 10 landmark albums that made indie rock
They were, by definition, misfits.
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  July 16, 2007

Mr. Lonely

Marilyn Manson goes deep
Marilyn Manson’s Eat Me, Drink Me is the first record in that’s made me want to hang out with the guy rather than gawk at him from afar.
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  June 12, 2007

Working girl

Amanda Palmer reflects on the Dresden Dolls’ breakthrough year
It’s no surprise that the big local winners in our Best Music Poll tend also to be the hardest working bands and artists.
By MATT ASHARE  |  June 06, 2007

Flowing forward

EL-P, Middle East Downstairs, May 1, 2007
There were just a few holdouts from the backpack era for last Tuesday's El-P’s Middle East show.
By MATTHEW GASTEIER  |  May 07, 2007


Trent Reznor fights to reinvent himself
The sticker that adorns the cover of the new Nine Inch Nails album, Year Zero , promises “16 noisy new songs.” Really?
By MATT ASHARE  |  April 25, 2007

Just like a woman

Spring brings new albums from Nine Inch Nails, Arctic Monkeys, Timbaland, and more
The new, improved, clean, sober, and buff Trent Reznor is no longer wrestling with downward spirals.
By MATT ASHARE  |  March 15, 2007

The 40 greatest concerts in Boston history: 35

Nine Inch Nails + David Bowie | Tweeter Center | September 15, 1995
Nine Inch Nails + David Bowie | Tweeter Center | September 15, 1995
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  October 25, 2006

Proud to be loud

Inside Touch and Go’s indie empire
So what would prompt a person to fly to Chicago for a long weekend only to stand around at a music festival whose headliners were on the level of the unpronounceable !!!, the Steve Albini/Bob Weston noise machine Shellac, and Arizona Giant Sand mates Calexico? Big Black, "The Power of Independent Trucking" (mp3)
By MATT ASHARE  |  September 20, 2006

From Dusk ’til Death

Cashing in on Johnny
Johnny Cash is one of my heroes.
By AMY MARTIN  |  August 30, 2006


Schizophonia | V2  
Who would have expected, at this late date, to find a 1980s glam band with a feyish, Trent Reznor–influenced singer leading the action?
By MICHAEL FREEDBERG  |  August 01, 2006

Second chances

Rick Rubin’s parting gift to Johnny Cash
When Rick Rubin went looking for Johnny Cash in 1993, he found a master songwriter and a living depository of American folk lore who’d been left behind by the changing tides of the industry and the times.
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  June 27, 2006

Suffering bastards

Nine Inch Nails and Bauhaus at the Tweeter Center
A once-in-a-gothtime team-up of dark princes yields sweat, special EFX, grandeur. Slideshow: Nine Inch Nails at the Tweeter Center
By VICKI G. SIOLOS  |  June 27, 2006

Growing pains

The Dresden Dolls try to balance life and art
So much has happened for the Dresden Dolls over the past year that it’s no surprise the duo fared so well in this year’s Best Music Poll.
By MATT ASHARE  |  May 17, 2006

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