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An intimate look at New England’s most popular crustacean, the lobster: Its hopes, needs, values and future

Inordinate claws: The ugliest fruit of the sea
Let’s face it -- that is, assuming that you can stand to face something that looks as though it ought to be using John Agar to clean pieces of Tucson out of its teeth.  
By: CHARLES P. PIERCE  |  April 03, 2013


And now it's the new JFK, as in John Forbes Kerry

This article originally appeared in the June 1, 1971 issue of Boston After Dark.
The middle-aged woman with hair the color of a spoiled tomato was hovering over John Forbes Kerry as he sat at his desk in the basement of his Waltham home. She was almost panting.
By: JOE KLEIN  |  January 31, 2013


What's wrong with the Palestinians' U.N. gambit

A dangerous charade
The United Nations recently voted to extend Permanent Observer status to the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
By: EDITORIAL  |  November 30, 2012


46 Years of Phoenix Covers

A trip through the Phoenix cover archives
We look back at some of our greatest hits.
By: PHOENIX STAFF  |  September 13, 2012


Alexander Cockburn’s $10,000 Arab connection

A question of propriety
Village Voice staff writer Alexander Cockburn, a journalist noted for his media criticism and for his biting criticism of Israel, accepted $10,000 in 1982 as a fellowship from an organization promoting Arab causes.
By: ALAN LUPO  |  July 23, 2012


Review: Jaws

Terrifyingly good
It's interesting that the two most exciting films of the summer are so directly at odds with each other.
By: JANET MASLIN  |  July 20, 2012


Interview: 'Jaws' Director Spielberg talks about making movies

Jawing about Jaws
Steven Spielberg, the director of "Jaws," was recently in town to promote the film and the following conversation with THE MIAMI PHOENIX ensued.
By: PHOENIX STAFF  |  July 20, 2012


Review: Aliens

Loving the Aliens
Aliens is a horror-film spectacular, a dark and exhilarating epic that keeps building.
By: OWEN GLEIBERMAN  |  June 07, 2012


Review: Alien

Oh, The Horror! The creature-feature enters a new realm
Be forewarned: sleep won't come easily the night you see Alien .
By: STEPHEN SCHIFF  |  June 07, 2012


Review: Alien 3

Look who’s stalking
The first Alien (1979), directed by Ridley Scott, was aptly titled: it confronted us with a creature as alien and intimate as our worst nightmares.
By: PETER KEOUGH  |  June 07, 2012


Review: Alien Resurrection

Knight mother
Since its electrifying debut nearly two decades ago, the Alien franchise remains the sci-fi vehicle most conducive to provocative ideas, hardboiled edginess, sheer excitement, and auteurist elan.
By: PETER KEOUGH  |  June 07, 2012


On the Road with Patti Smith and Bob Dylan

A backstage diary
It's Thanksgiving at the Smith home, across the Delaware River from Philadelphia.
By: AL GIORDANO  |  March 07, 2012


666-pack: Music to groove the savage Beasties

Three white smart-asses from Brooklyn lay waste to their wildest, most diseased daydreams on Licensed to Ill .
This article originally appeared in the January 13, 1987, issue of the Boston Phoenix.
By: CHUCK EDDY  |  March 08, 2012


Nick Cave: An Elvis From Hell

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ debut LP From Her to Eternity .
This article originally appeared in the July 24, 1984, issue of the Boston Phoenix. 
By: GERARD COSLOY  |  March 08, 2012


Money Talks and Fans Walk

Salaries, strikes, and TV have changed everything about baseball since 1975
This article was originally published in the September 29, 1995 issue of the Boston Phoenix.
By: BILL SIMMONS  |  December 14, 2011


Ten Great Moments In Red Sox Playoffs

The good, the bad, the ugly — we've seen it all
This story was originally published in the September 25, 1995, issue of the Boston Phoenix.
By: BILL SIMMONS  |  December 14, 2011


From the ''Sporting Eye'' Archives

From the Phoenix's George Kimball archives
"1973 World Series: You Gotta Believe," "Super Bowl VIII: Bud Grant as Capt. Queeg," and more
By: GEORGE KIMBALL  |  November 16, 2011


The Ploughshares years

A different perspective on the venerable Boston lit mag's early years
After reading an item on the Boston Globe book page noting that DeWitt Henry had published a memoir, I bought a copy of the book.
By: GEORGE KIMBALL  |  November 16, 2011


Gangs, Inc.: A special report

Mergers & mayhem
This story was originally published in the April 27, 1990, issue of the Boston Phoenix.
By: SEAN FLYNN AND RIC KAHN  |  October 06, 2011


Gang Godfather or Mean Streets Robin Hood?

Darryl Whiting: Remember that name. Police say he's angling to become boss of Boston's street gangs.
Mr. Darryl Whiting, 34-year-old president of Corona Enterprises, was late for his nine o'clock appointment. The assemblage waiting on Whiting got so nudgy they had him paged. No show.
By: RIC KAHN  |  October 06, 2011
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