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Review: The Unborn

By TOM MEEK  |  January 13, 2009
1.5 1.5 Stars

VIDEO: The trailer for The Unborn

'Tis the season of the Hollywood dumps — which is too bad because I had harbored some small hope for this latest horror offering from David S. Goyer. Not familiar with the name? Goyer has been a writer for the Batman franchise, and he demonstrated promise behind the camera with the 2007 paranormal thriller The Invisible. Here, though, that promise proves a ghost of the past as popular teen Casey Beldon (Odette Yustman, one of the svelte heroines from Cloverfield) starts seeing contorted bull terriers and a malicious young boy looking something like a reject from the latest Omen installment. Casey didn't know it, but she's a twin. Her brother died in the womb and is now a dybbuk — a bad-ass from beyond who wants to get reacquainted with his sister and won't let anything stand in his way. Jewish mysticism, Josef Mengele, and poor Gary Oldman as a sagely rabbi all factor into the convoluted ghost tale. Oy.

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