Q&A #10: Menino

Menino Qs, natch! Via email,"Mort" asks:

1. When do you think Menino announces his endorsement of Warren? 2. Does he run for re-election? If so, who runs against him? If he doesn't who is the mayor in January 2014? Handicap it now! (Not Greg Selkoe!)
"Dave Lam" asks:

Who do you predict will run for Mayor of Boston in 2013 and what are your predictions as to who the winner will be?

Let's start with the 2013 question. Are you familiar with the scientific theory that zillions of alternative universes actually exist, representing every possible different course of action the universe could possibly take? In EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM Tom Menino wins re-election as mayor of Boston in 2013.

It's not even worth updating my rankings of most likely 2013 winner if Menino doesn't run -- which is on the site somewhere, with Rob Consalvo in the top spot.

And of course Menino will endorse and help out Warren. But he's got a reasonably good relationship with Scotto, plus he doesn't want to unnecessarily tick off the many Brown-voting conservative-Catholic-Democrats in the city, plus he probably wants Warren to make clear that she understands how important he and his machine are. So he can wait a good while.

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