Round one.

So the first night wasn't without a few stumbles, but I think that's the way most good things start. The venue in Buffalo was real dope though, a nice outdoor patio with the bands playing with their backs to the street -- lots and lots of interested onlookers stopping and scratching their heads, wondering if they should come in. (Some actually did, and the cluster of middle-aged couples who dared to try ended up really liking Bonde's "doo wah diddy" song.) That's the view from the patio up there; I kept wondering if we were keeping anyone awake. Best dude of the night was the video guy, who provided this projection for Bonde's performance:

DOWNLOAD: bondecarnivalevideo.MOV (5.9 MB, QuickTime)

But before any of that could happen, tour manager Edu and the CSS kids had to perform their ceremonial urban drum circle in the hotel parking lot.

My view for the summer, basically.

The first satisfied customer of the tour. He came out of nowhere, hours before the show started, and Pedro from Bonde told him that he needed to buy a t-shirt. Apparently, he agreed. He wasn't at the show, though -- I guess the intensity of the shirt was all he could handle. (Also could have been the intensity of Pedro's sales pitch: "Buy this so we can eat! We come from the third world!")

As this picture illustrates, Toronto was a different story completely. If Buffalo was Rock City, T-Dot was Rave City. Dudes walking around outside selling glowsticks; girls running backstage and tryin' to grab the bands' beer, then threatening to call the police because security tossed them out; and of course, groupies. Luvfoxxx and Luiza from CSS had at least one big fan, obviously. A few girls even asked me what hotel they were staying at -- come on, they're only on Sub Pop! (I keed, I keed.) But the truth was, there was no hotel, and I'm writing this, on the verge of falling off my bunk, on the bus at 6:03 AM.

Lack of details, I know, I know. But the Toronto show sucked for me 'cause the merch table wasn't even in the main room, so I couldn't even watch the bands play! Bonde sounded great, though -- louder and tighter than the night before, and Marina even learned the lyrics to my favorite song of theirs. It's called "Comigo" and BDR tell me the lyrics are really corny. But to my non-Portuguese-speaking ass, it sounds like pure 80s Miami bass/freestyle throwback hotness. And Egg Foo Young produced it! I think it'll be on the album.

Ok sleep now.
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