• September 01, 2010
    By David S. Bernstein

    Over the course of the year I have occasionally remarked that it's typical of Massachusetts Democrats that, in a year where voters are clearly angry at insider Beacon Hill Democrats, the party is rallying around former party chairman Steve Grossman and former Deval Patrick campaign political director Suzanne Bump, for the open statewide offices of treasurer and auditor.

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  • June 09, 2010
    By David S. Bernstein

    "Boston Bertie" asks:

    What happened to Guy Glodis at the Democratic State Convention. He seemed to spend a lot of resources to win the party's nod - and was heavily favored. Yet he actually got less votes than Suzanne Bump. Do you buy his spin that he threw Mike Lake a load of votes to get him on the ballot? And on another note, how did you rank the videos/speeches/presentations at the Convention?

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  • March 24, 2010
    By David S. Bernstein

    In this week's issue of the Boston Phoenix -- in print tomorrow, online now -- I write a two-part column on Boston politics.

    In the first item, I ask whether Boston City Councilor Steve Murphy's campaign for state Treasurer is his last shot at higher office. Murph's quest for other jobs is a running joke -- and occasional campaign issue -- at City Hall.

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  • February 09, 2010
    By David S. Bernstein

    Somerville's seven Ward Democratic Party Committees held their caucuses last night, to elect delegates to the state convention. All other committees aren't allowed to start holding caucuses until Wednesday, but apparently Somerville is special. (I'm told that it was the only time they could get home-town boy Congressman Michael Capuano to speak, so the state party gave them a waiver.

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  • January 22, 2010
    By David S. Bernstein

    "John" asks:

    What is Boston City Councilor Stephen Murrphy going to do? Is he in for Treasurer, Auditor, or nothing?

    I think he's looking at Treasurer, especially with Joe Connolly dropping out due to health reasons. My guess is he does not ultimately pull the trigger.

  • October 02, 2009
    By David S. Bernstein

    "Ed" asks via email:

    Give us your predictions for the mayoral final (with percentages) and the order the At-Large candidates will finish.

    Menino 54% Flaherty 46%


  • September 30, 2009
    By David S. Bernstein

    In this week's issue of the Boston Phoenix -- in print tomorrow, online now -- I analyze the at-large Boston City Council race coming out ofthe preliminary election, which narrowed the field to eight. I find that local politicos believe that -- unlike other recent at-large races -- the top four in the preliminary will end up as the four winners in November.

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  • September 23, 2009
    By David S. Bernstein

    Hmmm... Seems like some commenters don't appreciate my expert analysis. Oh well.

    Anyway, let's back up and look at what I prognosticated and analyzed the last time I was asked, about a month ago -- and whether it still stands. First off:

    I think that the prelim top four will likely be Murphy-Connolly-Pressley-Arroyo.

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